Mass Voicemail


Does anyone use any software that sends mass voicemails? What do you recommend?


i use a company called for direct to voicemail and also have used them for calling my customer list and booking appointments in tcf


Were you looking into Sendjim? I know there big thing is

Direct mail
voicemail (to celll phone numbers you already have)


We have used SlyBroadcast in the past, but I will be giving the new SendJim voicemail broadcast a try.


What do you find useful about this type of voicemail broadcasting? Do you use it for Annual Reminders? Appointment Reminders?

I’ve found that a growing % of people don’t even listen to their voicemail in a timely manner, sometimes a week or two later.


some don’t answer there phones for numbers they don’t recognize, some delete emails and unsubscribe,etc
it is used for mass messaging i did over 300 numbers for under $50.


Thanks. Just took over a business so want to try a voicemail blast and see how it goes


some only work with cell numbers, voicelogic works with landlines as well


Can someone post a sample audio of a mass voicemail just for reference purposes?



Hi this is @IronLionZion with xxx window cleaning. I just wanted to drop you a quick call because it’s been a year since your last service. I’m going to be in you area in the next couple of weeks and I’d love to get you back on the schedule. Give me a call or shoot me a text and I will fit you in. Thank you very much and I’ll talk to you soon.


I would encourage you to check the laws before you do any marketting lime this. There are strict laws on marketting to cell phones which is the majority of numbers customers give out now days. Even though they are previous custimers who have made a purchase they have restrictions in place for marketting to cell phones.

I looked into it a while back and was quite surprised by how strict the law is.


Tell that to the 1000’s of robocalls I get every year lol

It seems the laws are on the books, but aren’t enforced.


It is up to the individual recieving the call to enforce it. As for the robocalls alot of them are using devices or software that spoofs the number so the calls are untraceable. Highly illegal.

The risk we face is from any consumer who wants to make an issue out of it. They can and do.

If you notice if youbhave ever signed up for text notices for sales from a retailer they always contain an opt out notice because they are complying with the law. The law is in place and the penalty can add up quick.

I’m just offering a friendly warning. What other do with that is up to them. For me my approach is to comply with the law.


Probably 6 years or so ago I stopped trying to “enforce” the mass robocalls that I received.

FCC reports, complaints, pressing 2 to remove myself from the list, even giving the FCC the contact info and addresses for two companies that were repeat offenders.

Nothing happened.

We never cold call, but if one of our repeat clients figured out a way to successfully raise a stink with the FCC, I’ll offer them free service for the info lol.


I believe you have to take them to court. If I recall correctly I read where a guy who new the laws filed in smaller claims court and won the case. Not that it’s unusual to win but most don’t know they can do that. I read about it years ago and vaguely recall the story. It does happen though and when I was researching the law there were several stories where some larger companies got pretty hefty penalties.


Man I’ve been gettin like 10 robo calls a day the pat few months. Crazy annoying.


i talk to them about Politics and religion. Everyone needs to be saved from or to one of the above!