Marketing to Condo Associations


Has anyone got experience marketing to condo associations? I was thinking about starting up an exterior quarterly route with several associations. Doing the insides once a year only in the winter months. The problem I have had in the past is it is difficult to break in since soliciting is not allowed. Has anyone got experience with this?



Definitely would be interested to see some of the responses


In my area they are managed by a property management company…if a condo association is the same thing as a home owners association.

I have done several condo communities and they have all come from the property management companies.
Why not ask some of the managers you deal with already, I bet they can point you in the right direction.

I’ve never had luck marketing to them so I gave up. They call me.


They are a pain here.

Typically the association president is a home owner. No time to take bids for window cleaning unless they themself are interested in the service.

Then they only serve 1 or 2 years and another homeowner takes the role, when eventually a property management company comes in.