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Ok, so now I have about $250 saved up from a few jobs. I have about 900 door hangers to get out but our dang Ohio spring is lost. Cold wet and still calling for accumulated snow tonight. I completed one house have two more booked but one keeps rescheduling cause of winter like weather and the other don’t want to even think about it before May. So besides my door hangers what else should I spend marketing money on?i have a boosted post on my Facebook page. I’m clueless now. Also I regret not putting gutter cleaning on my spring window cleaning door hangers. I was contacted about gutter cleaning I bid the job at 199 but gave a second estimate for Windows outsides and gutters and sold the job for 389. Lost opportunity now with not advertising both.


I know you probably hate me after losing the school job, but I still want to help you if I can.

It may seem tacky, and I know I will probably get attacked for suggesting this, but…

Couldn’t you just print a small label, advertising a gutter special, and then stick that on the door hangers that you had printed?

That way you can add that without printing news ones, since you still have a bunch to hand out. If you think it may not be very appealing, then you could always just try a few and see how it goes.

If the label says that it is a special promotion, then it justifies it being added on to the existing advertisement .

Just a thought


How is your Google ranking? That may be worth putting some effort/money into.


With the budget you have, I would do something simple. Pick your best neighborhood or just street and send out a letter campaign. Series of 3 about 10-17 days apart. Explain who you are, why you are sending them a letter, and how you can help. Offer a limited time special. And a strong P.S. People sometimes only read the P.S. and then read the skim the letter for the benefits.


@Bucket-Bob no way man I think your very intelligent and appreciate your info. I might do just that. @anon82274079 my google is pretty much the only window cleaner that pops up for my area if you search window cleaning. I’ll much about google. What do you think I should do there? @mattolmschenk like hand written or typed letterS? Or like a send jim? One thing I’m realizing is people here never really think about using a service to clean their windows. I basically have to train my area. Now the gutters on the other hand. Everyone hates that and needs it done.


Well, you only pop up position one on google maps. You don’t pop up in the organic search in the first three pages. If you aren’t on page one, no one will likely pursue it beyond that. At least you are on maps (hopefully you don’t lose that).

You can either do your own SEO, or pay someone. IF you hire someone, make sure you know who you are hiring.


Perfect, if you’re the only in your market you can be the expert. And people will pay more for the expert.

Type out the letters, personalisation is better can be time consuming if you change the name on every letter. A hand written envelope will get opened more than a printed.


Great advice!


How the heck do I do that lol. Dangit man I thought I was lookin good on google


I did mine with back links/citations. You will need to educate yourself some, as to what to do. It’s work, to be honest.

An easier way to start, is to see where your competitors have their back links. Search that by doing a google search on your individual competitors. Each link that comes up is a back link.


SEO Is a long game, it won’t get you immediate work, which is what I think the OP was looking for.

In the short term, I would get your name out in some local Facebook groups. Doorhangers, in my experience, are a ton of work for little return. Pound the pavement and get your funds up with some storefront…


I agree, SEO is a long game. But it’s an important one. I have enough people that contact me through my website each year, it easily justifies the time and money I have spent on a website (which is really cheap in the big picture). It also didn’t take me forever to get page one rank. I’m in a smaller market, and I ranked page one in sixty days. I think Anthony can do the same.

The only thing he can really do in the short term is door hangers, postcards/eddm, social media, or possibly Yelp/H.A./insert you review app here. There may be other thing that work in his market, but he will have to find that out for himself.


With the bad weather in your area currently if would leave the doorhangers for nicer weather and focus on those letters (that where mentioned by @mattolmschenk)
And I would focus on local facebook groups, they can have a great roi.

Check out this link (recent topic)


Another idea that is also cheap and can sometimes look a little better than a sticker is go to your local office supply store they can make custom ink stamper says gutter cleaning, gutter special, ask about my gutter cleaning special whatever you want.

The ink stamps can be made for $10- 15


Another possibility to consider is yard signs. has a reputation for putting out high-performing designs. They have a fast turnaround, and offer discounts to WCRA/PWRA members.


Ok I just created a real Facebook ad not a boosted post. Going to see where that leads me for now. It is cold today but nice and sunny. Put out 150 door hangers or so. Happy to get a job or so from that. Pleassseee lol. I still hit the streets for store front. Just no luck. Have went to every small downtown business already. Put out 5 arounds from my last job and just got my two yard signs that I will leave in yards I service for a week or so. Now I guess study up on my SEO. I have no clue where to start other then youtube. Finding the other competitions website is extremely rough. They do not have one. I have searched and searched. Even used the companies name after seeing them in town. As to restaurants, nobody wants to give out regional manager info. Even after directly asking for it.


Here is my new yard signs. Hope they help. Cost quite a bit from vista print. Not bad but only got two for now


signs are prob 12 x 24.


@cruzzer3 make sure to post it in the local facebook groups, buy and sell, business groups, Realtor groups ect.


Make sure to claim your business and get it verified on google.