Market penetration


so @chris or @Kyle anyone else with experience in working an area.
if you are going to “farm” an area hitting it with consistent eddm lawn signs etc what kind of percentage of homes might one be able to get over time


if you own 1% of your total market. you are doing good. for example 120,000 households in your market and your active customer list is around 1,200.


giving marketing advice is always tricky for me personally. Just because I get certain results in my market doesn’t mean you will do the same. You may do worse, you may do better. I would spend the investment and reasonably trying out different forms of marketing till you find out what catches on with the type of customer you are servicing. Doorhangers, EDDM, Facebook, are all worth a try. I would even suggest Radio, TV, marriage mail, and any other options that may be available in your area.


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yes there are always going going to be market fluctuations but it is still useful, thanks.
even within that 120k there may areas that are higher and lower in fact i would expect that.


Hi, Ken - this is a VERY tricky question. So many factors go into this it’s going to be impossible to give you a straight answer. We service 275 or so Zipcodes ( towns ), so the number or percentage would be relatively small.

Our best town though that I was completely obsessed with we had serviced at one point or anther 60 + % of the town. I advertised into this city almost every week, and a HUGE portion of our work was completed there. ( this town is a complete anomaly ) Please don’t expect results like this. I was just sharing that # because it still makes me a little happy on the inside.


Whats, the population of the area you are thinking about farming? Err not population. Serviceable homes.

The town I referenced above had about 7600 homes last I recall.


@chris that is an awesome answer and exactly what i’m looking for.
the area i have conmcentrated on the most consistently has about 5600 single family homes and i have 200 customers in that area so around 3.5%.
i don’t think 60% of people here EVER wash their windows so i don’t expect anything like that level but at least i know i should have lots of room to grow in that area.
i will hit more than this area but i live in the center of it so i will continue to hit it frequently throughout the season.
there is lots more close that i will expand into (on a consistent basis) but certainly not the whole city (pop around 700k)
money is starting to come in now, first mailing to past customers went out monday, ordering 100 lawn signs as i get a chance.
just finishing artwork for solo flyer (mail delivery like eddm).




I think this is going to be your golden key to dominating your area . Make it known to your clients that you’re a local guys , small family own business . Wear your company shirt while you do your shopping , getting Coffee , even while you’re taking a walk in the park . Smile and and greet everyone.

The smaller you keep your service area the better , even better if it’s around your home . Just my 2 cents , bet you probably already knew this


toss a couple pennies on the table

We have a “town” that is 2 mail routes, it’s a retirement community. Back in the day did a job for free if they would write on this communities social media. That was enough to get the ball rolling.

Once we started using EDDM it was eye opening. 2500 homes would produce at least 10-15 calls each mailing, across the street is 5000 homes same card MIGHT get 1 call. Totally different demographics, totally different.

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