Make you WFP pole last longer


Hi guys just a quick video on pole maintenance. Look out for the tip to help stop the clamps coming loose




That was cool @Squeaky-Clean-Dave. Definitely doing the o rings under the clamps on my next set of poles.


Works really well and has the added benefit of helping reduce the risk of pinching your finger between the clamps


I never gave it a second thought as to it being a cause for the clamps coming loose. I just hated always getting pinched.
Also never thought of the PTFE spray on the whole pole, I used to wash them out on a regular basis cuz you know as well as I if you don’t its like having sandpaper between the poles inside and eventually its going to be thin and weak.

The spray should also do well in lubing it up and keeping sand out as well right? Because the spray kinda repels water right? So the dirt should also be expelled with the water as it enters, or at least rinse out much easier…am I wrong?


You are totally right. It also has the added advantage so stopping the pole turning your hand black