Maintenance Presentation


When you go to a customers house for the first time and you want to sell maintenance cleans for say once a year.

How do you guys present this to the customer? Do you have a sample of a pricing scale you hand them? Say their first clean inside/outside was $600. What would you charge for maintenance? Do you offer outside only throughout the year then inside/outside once a year?

I would like to make recurring revenue off of my customers. I am about a year into this business and I offer it to my customers but it does not seem like my presentation is strong enough to sell it. I need another plan or plan of attack.

Thanks for any input.


I’ve seen some Other post on the form about this topic… check out this video Robert made on his YouTube channel he’s a awesome dude.


His system has many problems. To each their own, and if it works for him, great.
But you are not likely to get people to sign contracts, let alone allow monthly deductions from their checking accounts.

@awc.225 , the easiest thing to do is just OFFER to put them on the calendar for a reminder about the next service, or even scheduling that service while you are there at the time.

Of my clients, most are on a multiple times a year clean schedule. I accomplish it by offer it and when asked, tell them that most people choose from 2x-4x a year. I do have some that want monthly for important windows that face the water.

I also tell my clients that I do not upcharge a first time clean, so long as they keep up with maintenance of at LEAST once a year. If they skip, my price increases significantly.

Doing it this way requires you to be ORGANIZED. You will need a program like Markate or Google calendar and be DILIGENT about using it and getting calls made. I have been using Google calendar, texts/emails up to this point. Beginning in January it gets run through Markate now.

All it really takes is selling those cleans in the BEGINIG. If you don’t ask and market it to your clients, you are pretty sure of not getting the sale. Again, I would advise against contracts (turns people off) and doing monthly draws (bad idea in an age when people are worried about ID theft).


I’ve tried many different ways too. Even offered one service for half price if they booked a year in advance for quarterly. I had one bite, and after that year never used us again.

I get the feeling that its kinda intrusive maybe. I stopped trying. I only do reminders and that works for me.


Yeah, don’t. Like Hoosier said, make a suggestion for another cleaning same time in 6 months or a year, and you’ll call them when it’s time.

Fridge magnets work WONDERS for peope as cards can get lost easily. We actually make our own with business cards. Spring rolls around, sun comes out and they see how dirty the windows are.