Made some bank... Sun King has a pulse


Made $340 in one day. After healthcare, my old forklift job paid only $295 a week !


congratulations man !


Daaaang… I watch your stuff. Thanks


ya man ! thanks . It feels great getting started and we are happy for you buddy! If you ever need anything let me know and id be happy to help !


Keep it up!

Congrats on your first job!




Super! Now go out and repeat it! :slight_smile:


Just wait till you make double or triple that in one day :smiley:


Wfp allday!! Lol



Don’t forget to take pics of the jobs you do so you can use them for advertising purposes.

Website,Facebook any other social network you use or will use.


Feels good eh


thats awesome

it’s amazing what can be done when your perspective changes from an employee $/hr too an owner operator. we value our time and should charge accordingly


Congratulations! Now you can use that job as a reference.


That’s a great feeling, right? Life-changing. Congrats.


Man thats awsome!