M.A.W. Moerman Excelerator Part 1



Oh dear somebody has been buying subscribers again :joy: only a 100- 200 views each vid but over a thousand subs hmmmm maybe money better spent replacing that broken handle!?


are you like this all the time?


you have 1150 subscribers and lots of videos with only 500-600 views


Like what? Say things as they are? Then yes guilty as charged i tell the truth. I keep forgetting that not everyone can handle a bit of banter or the facts :cry::cry::cry:


Every single sub i have is earned, valued and real. That dudes as fake as his channel lol


Yer but don’t tell him the truth or tell him how things are.
Couldn’t handle the banter on another Window Cleaning Forum so just left it.


true true the dude is of his wag’n rocker


There is a site that shows this information. Most YouTubers use it. Numbers simply don’t lie.


Which site it that Luke??


Now when you look at any channel you will see 34 new subs here maybe 22 there 5 here. The red flag is 50 subs then 50 subs …50 subs. These are most likely purchased. especially when you see a smaller channel with 100 or 200. Buying subs is a very common. and easy to do thing.


there are many other red flags as well. comments are the number 1 giveaway. Let’s say you purchased views on a video so the video get 1000 views…with that many views you are bound to generate some comments on the video. with buying subs you will see a similar thing as well. with 1000 subs you should see some interaction on the videos …views ,thumbs up,thumbs down and or comments. I’d never recommend purchasing subs or views. regardless of what these 3rd party companies tell you it is a clear violation of YouTube’s policies and you can have your entire channel terminated. Plus you most likely are not eligible to become a youtube partner and receive ad revenue. Not that it’s a lot but it’s something.


whoops last thing I wanted to add them in gone. If you just look at social blade you probably think huh seems legit. I watch our analytics pretty closely and sub counts for small channels don’t usually go +40 +4 +6 +7 +53 +2 +0 +5 +45 +5+3+56 …it’s not normal. the spikes I would bet money on are a purchase. now with that being said I have trends and spikes on our channel and it’s almost always with an upload day or a giveaway. Ok… my 2 cents goodbye :blush:


Maybe I should buy some subs… Would I need to put out actual videos? Because that’s like a lot of work.