Lubricant for stack ladders


I just got a couple of new sets of metallic stack ladders and they are so much stiffer than my old sets.
What have you used during the break-in period to help alleviate this?


A 2x4 and a hammer.


Mostly just using them ,I just bang the top of each section on my driveway. In reality you just need to move them in maybe 1/16thor less on each fork.This has been a topic here in the past.


This sums it up @clevermonkey


I found waxing them helps too. You can buy small candles for like $1 at Walmart for this. I learned this trick from a ladder maintenance page of a Fireman’s website.


I wouldn’t hammer or bend them. They will break in over a 3-4 weeks of regular use. I put a little bid of bearing grease on the ends when they are new and the slide right in and out of place as if they are my old sections. By the time it wears off, they are well broken in. Just be mindful of not getting it all over the place. I’ll post a picture of how much I use later.