Lowe’s available ettore tools


Whats everyone’s opinion on the ettore stuff available at Lowe’s? It’s very basic equipment, but is it good enough to start with? I ask because it’s what I purchased to start, but it kinda sucks. Maybe I’m just doing something wrong. Just curious how everyone feels about it. Here’s an example of what I’m talking about.


Is the equipment you can get from WCR miles ahead and better it is it all basically the same?


It’s good enough if you’re in a pinch. Invest in better products through WCR. It makes a huge difference.


That is made for the homeowner and for occasional use. It probably won’t stand up to the abuse of everyday window cleaning. Buy some stuff from WCR and you’ll see the difference in material quality.

I still have some brass handles and channels from over 20 years ago in use today.


The main problem I’m having is when it comes to closing out, all the windows on my house that I practice on have pretty deep sills (4”-6”) and this thing doesn’t allow me to get a good angle.


There are a wide variety of squeegees with slightly different angles. You just have to try some to see what works for your style.

Each has a purpose and based on your type of work and preference you’ll find a good fit that helps with those wide frames.

Best to use a supply store over hardware store for purchasing.


Since you already bought the lowes Ettore stuff, I’d say don’t bother getting more gear from any other hardware store.

If you can afford to, buy some real Ettore rubber and it’s possible to make it work long enough to get a job or two done.

As soon as you can though, buy some real tools. Ettore stainless or brass 6, 12, 18 inch channels and a ledge-eze handle to swap between them. Stainless is stronger, but brass feels better to me.


Thanks for the replies everyone. I definitely plan on investing in some better tools when money allows. It’ll be before I actually start my business that’s for sure. Really eyeing that excelerator. Hearing all the raving reviews about it makes me want to try it out.


This isn’t a gear issue, it’s a technique issue.

A quick and easy technique for deep sills is when you fan the window, get the corners, take the “mountain” down pretty low, and then do a horizontal pull and just STOP when you’ve cleared the mountain. Having a light line to detail is a LOT easier than the mess you’ll get trying to close on the side.

As for zero degree handles, I’m not a fan. They always fold on me in the middle of the window and it drives me nuts!


Hmu when you are ready to upgrade. I’ll help you spend once but wisely.