Looking for mentors in the northwest Ohio and Southeast Michigan area


Just starting out and been watching tons of videos on YouTube but was hoping to get a mentor for some hands on training I’m in Toledo, OH and willing to travel thanks for reading this if you are willing to teach I’m willing to learn


If your really willing, (in the freezing cold) now is the time to get storefront jobs. Learn and get paid. Lots of slackers slack on jobs when it’s colder and their work can be yours year round. Just go out there and do it.


I have no problem going in the cold but before l try to get work l want to make sure my skills are sharp


Took me months to get “get sharp”. Just go do it.


The only way your skills get sharp is get your hands dirty.

The only way to learn what works is getting out there in the “real” world and doing it.


I was in your sane situation recently and just decided to go out and do it. I got a small salon for 25 bucks and then a gas station for 70. Both of my first jobs where the same day and I was nervous and it took my probably 5X as long as it would take a professional but I got through it and got paid. Just go out there and do it.


Yes, listen to these folks. Some are real pros. I just started out and have made hundreds. If any one says anything about speed, which they won’t, just tell them," Quality work takes time and I do quality work." Just go solicit until you get a yes…or forty. Just train yourself to do a good job. That’s quality…perfect windows. Speed will come.


Thanks everybody l really appreciate the support and encouragement. I been washing windows and mirrors around my house. My barber said I can get some practice on the shop windows


Like everyone said… Just go out there and get your practice in while making money. That is what all of us have done.


Once you have them down, charge him too. Your not in a favor doing business.