Looking for light sectional ladders


I used to purchase Alaco Aluminum sectional ladders but they went under or at least they don’t make sectional ladders anymore.

I found this website: ALUMINUM SECTIONAL WINDOW CLEANING LADDERS - Lynn Ladder & Scaffolding Co., Inc.

They have 9 lbs. 6ft. aluminum sectional ladders vs. 11 lbs. 6 ft. sectional metallic ladders at jracenstien.com

My question is, has anyone ever tried Lynn ladders before? or does anyone have any other preferences for sectional ladders?

Thanks for your input!


Two pounds less weight in six feet may be a little springy. The people that provide this forum sell window cleaning supplies and equipment. Have you checked out their sectionals?


Wondering if you, or anyone else, ever purchased one of those 9lbs sectional ladders vs the 11 lbs. They look to be the same to me, wondering if it’s just a discrepancy in the reporting of the weight.

They call it a 21ft, does it work out to be the same as a 24ft extension ladder with a working height of 21ft?


There is a 1 foot overlap at connections, 4-six foot sections have 3 overlapping connections, so minus 3 feet on a 6 ft x 4 ladder sections.