Long or Short Squeegee Technique Videos


See many videos showing how to use squeegees technique and so on.

But some are repeated over and over again. (Squeegee Technique)
With quite bit small talk between.
Why squeegee using so good brand names etc?
Seems like some sort sales pitch (maybe?)

Believe most people would just like to have short to the point video.
Show squeegee technique from certain angles might be 2 or 3 angles.
Max 2 to 3 minute video.

Although that’s my view of how I see it.

What’s your thought’s you like the short to point videos??

Or long video that sometime’s bit drawn out??


Depends. Most videos are either review videos or everyday sort of videos.

For technique, I think they need more detail which means longer. How the water flows, squeegee pitch and angles, poling, etc. It would be less of “how” and more of “why.”


How many times would you need to see some one do the same technique on a video?


I really don’t think its about seeing a technique, many people out there want detailed instruction , many want to hear the opinion of a particular personality, many of the guys today are personally interacting with their viewers, which seems to be popular, many of them are entertaining or interesting/ or both.
At the end of the day its your choice to how you make videos, the audience will decide what they want to watch.




Only if you are getting paid for pitching it.


Personally, what I like to see is something a little bit unique. There’s only so much that can be said on squeegee technique, and much of it has been said already. If you find some concept that can be simplified or explained in easier to understand terms, then I think that’s something worth uploading.

When I decide to upload a video, it’s usually because it’s something I haven’t seen explained or demonstrated before, or as well (imho). But I don’t watch a ton of YouTube, so I don’t claim that anything I upload is unique.



herman when you don’t use full sentances it’s difficult to understand what you’re saying.


Long videos if needed, but with detailed explantions every time. Like doing a straight pull on a window over a door, it took me forever to realize how to tilt my pole and watch to make sure the liquidator rubber closed down on the frame after the channel had already touched it. It is only a little bit of a tilt, but i feel that those small things that you learn over time really make a difference in quality and a big difference in speed.


Did this a while ago if you can not understand .
You put the CC on then you can read it as the video goes.
Here’s example bit over One minute video.


When learning a technique with any squeegee / scrubber found that you get the basic technique down first.
Take care to get it right if it seems a bit awkward you can add your own certain style to it.
Make easier for yourself.
Speed will come in due time