Logo Feedback


I think I am about done with it, will make slight tweaks for embroidery and maybe add a bit more flare for website.

Wanted to get y’alls opinions as I am not a profesional graphic artist.


well… it’s, uh…weird. Spar Clean…you clean spars? Spar X Clean?..how am I supposed to pronounce that?
If it’s a play on Sparkling, “Sparkling Windows” reads, sounds, feels much better to me.


Yeah it’s a play on sparkling and that X is supposed to be a K/sparkling symbol lol

Company name would be Spar Clean Solutions or Spar Clean Proffesional Cleaning Services.

The K/ sparkling symbol is intended to help the customer see it’s a play on Sparkling.

Still might tweak the logo but I think I am going with Spar Clean, I am sure it has been used before but the uniqueness should help with SEO


I think I am going to go with Spark Clean, going to remove the sparkle K and just use the font used on Spar and then ad sparkle vectors around it.

Will play with it tomorrow.


have you been drinking


Logos are great and all but if you going to have one I think it’s worth looking into having it done professionally, ask @Tony_C and @Majestic66 it makes a huge difference in the appearance of your business in the general public eye.

Hope this helps some how.


No, is it that bad? lol


I have a friend who is a graphic designer, I just hate asking people for stuff but after the feedback I probably will. Didn’t think it was that bad though


glad you have a sense of humor


No emotion here - the logo is crap. This is objectively speaking. A logo should not be a riddle or a trick of they eye! It needs to be simple, easy to see and and pick up quickly. Keep trying!!!


What do you think about Spark Clean?

I will do both Spark Clean and Sparkling later on and go from there.

Not trying to make it a puzzle or riddle lol I am trying to add some uniqueness and distinguish myself a bit.


I dont think it works bro, too much confusion. next thing you know you’ll have a youtube channel and everyone will call you sparkles the window cleaner. lol try something more simple and to the point. whats your target customers, residential, commercial, ccu, high rise? use something that will appeal to all you are wanting to provide a service for.


When I see the logo I am thinking Spar Clean means Sparingly Clean. Meaning whatever you clean it will come out kinda clean.

I agree with @wcs
Get a professional to help you. It will be worth it in the long run.


Residential but open for everything.

The full name would be Spark Clean Proffesional Cleaning Services or Spark Clean Solutions.

Maybe I should just go back to Sparkling Proffesional Cleaning Services or Sparkling Solutions


Is it the name or the logo you guys don’t like?



there’s no identity


I am trying to create a identity by being creative and using Spark Clean Proffesional Cleaners as the nameZ

Uhhhm I’m confused now lol


Always have someone else check spelling (Professional)and grammar on your marketing pieces


Yes sir on my phone typing fast and did not even realize that


Listen up. Don’t play with words. You want SPARKLING, say Sparkling. You get two seconds…that’s it. Don’t make a potential client have to work for that 2 seconds. SAY IT!
Sparkling Clean
Window Cleaning
Professional Cleaning Services

No work. Straight forward. We tend to fall in love with our own ideas. That is not objective. I have a very simple business name. No games. They know what I do in a second…WINDOWS. I can’t draw. Words make pictures. Mess up words…messed up picture. Find a friend who can draw, use words with a logo. Go back to the drawing board, start over. [Edit:] KISS - Keep It Simple Salesman. Go up and click where it says Blueprint. Get your free copy of Window Cleaners Marketing Blueprint - then go back at figuring out your company name and the services you want to offer. Have fun, work at it, enjoy the journey.