LLC doing business in another state (PA to NJ)


I have a customer who moved from Pennsylvania to New Jersey and really wants me to clean his windows. Does anyone know if I have to do anything special legally to do the job and make sure I pay the proper taxes to the correct authorities?


Depends on your insurance. You are supposed to pay sales tax on the job in NJ, which could be more PITA than worth.

Where in NJ are they moving? Maybe we can jump in for you.


whatever you put in your business account is what your paying sales tax on.
So I’m assuming , I could be wrong charge him your States sales tax.


I had a feeling that was the case; I’m really doing this more as a favor because the guy likes me so much and we became friends. Normally, I would have just found him a local contact, but it was very important to him that it be me if at all possible.


Unfortunately this is not the case. Each county has their own taxes. For example Sussex, NJ county is different From Pike, pa county. And then orange NY county is a little higher than both.

You have to report each sales tax to each state that the work is performed in. Ex. Pa to Pa. NJ to NJ

If it doesn’t work out let @Chris-462-TripleC or I know. We’ll get is done for ya.