Liquidator 2.0 End Clips?


Correct. The only rubber where I don’t bother.


Jonny Alden has gone Anon? Left or escorted?


Jonny is taking a hiatus for awhile (his choice.)


I’ve not had any issues with any rubber in the liquidator. never mod’d my squeegees. Are me and bob the only ones that can use this squeegee with any rubber and not feel the need to mod it. I can’t understand why so many struggle? Its a squeegee! lol. Ah well maybe it’s only a few “chosen ones” that are worthy of the moerman squeegee :wink:


Hey Pete… try a piece of black diamond hard in a 10 and 14 and let me know how well that works for you? Just REALLY curious, because I like Black Diamond hard a lot and it didn’t perform well at all for me in the liquidators.
But…Ettore rubber in the liquidator channels 10 and 14 with the Fliq in excelerator handle in hand or on a pole work nicely. It just seems odd that it didn’t work work well since BD and Mormean are pretty close to identical.


I buy Razer Red in Bulk and Black Diamond Hard in bulk. Re the BD Hard…in the Liquidator V1 clip they perform well but can be improved by shaving 1-1.5 mm off the bottom of the clips. This gives an identical rubber to clip distance that you would get with most other rubber. The Black Diamond has a shorter tongue. I modded x1 set of V1 clips only as I have spares and I still have quite a supply of BD to chew through. (Once depleted I’ll replace with Moerman Hard which uses the same recipe). In the V2 clip BD is really not suitable at all. The clip is flush with rubber edge meaning for it to perform you have to blade at a shallower angle which in turn causes drag, excessive and rapid wear and causes issues at close out. I have no desire to mod the newer clip. I have no issues with any other rubber but as stated earlier my current favs are Razer and Ettore… I could add the excellence of the glide on the test strips of Moerman Blue but as their durability is not up to scratch they won’t be going into production anyway. Shame because it is the best glide of any rubber I have used…period.


sure thing, BD must be the only rubber i don’t have in the van at the moment lol, I’ll get some and try it :wink:



If you need some samples Trad-man let me know, I have plenty! :wink: