Limited Budget Vinyl


So I just got some Vinyl or lettering for my business work vehicle. I just started so my budget was under $500 for it. Anyways, what are your thoughts on this limited budget vinyl/lettering?


great start


Respectable. Professional.


Would love to see the inside of your van, I have a much larger econoline and always loved the idea of these little transits. Great on gas and can store a lot. Do you have a buffer tank for your pressure washer? Reals?


That looks nice. Only thing I would think about changing would be to get a Polk County phone number. But yours is way better than my first lettered truck.


Nice looking van you have there. Unfortunately I do not have the inside set up yet so it is still bare. At the moment, I am doing window cleaning and pressure washing out of it. Looking to purchase small pick up for the pressure washing side when more finances are available. Like I said, “limited budget” Lol.


Looks good


Looks quite nice. The Trinity logo is nice too.