Let's see what you got


Is that a Sorbo channel on a wagtail?


This is a wagtail channel. Unlike the wagtail PC handle; the combi cannot switch channels.


When I look at the still shot of the video I can see the wide body wagtail channel now. When I first watched the video it looked thinner like a Sorbo and it thru me off. I was going to ask how the heck you got a Sorbo to work with it.


brand is JB’s wear
they have tiny holes in them so they breath I been wearing them for years, all blue collar guys over here need to wear high vis so its either these shirts or a vest over ur normal shirt, so I choose these and they are chemical resistant good for house washing.


Me Cleaning Windows
Hope you all have a great weekend coming up!



Cool house! A lot of different kind of windows.
Well done!


First Class. You are a true professional not only your cleaning ability but tying off to safety hooks while walking that ledge. Right on! Great video.


Nice job. Good to see the use of a safety harness AND that a builder actually incorporated some place to snap off too. So many homes built in this area have NOTHING. You would think that it would be mandatory?

Did you intend to put your belt over the harness in the back?


Thanks. I had to get a harness for a gutter cleaning job. I figured might as well use it and be safe.


I realized it afterwards and fixed before I got on the ledge. A lot of the newer homes with steeper roofs have anchors, but I agree that it should be mandatory.


@luke3636 I think I got the YouTube bug from you.


Well done sir.

It is nice to watch a guy who knows what he is doing.


Thanks. A lot of my techniques comes from what others have been doing for a while here on the forums.


You might as well learn from some of the best! :wink:


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More vids!