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Hey Alex. The pads I told you about are the 3M Scotch Brite 9488R


Thanks Chad!


Can’t that be a big risk of scratching the window? I have seen other companies make scratches with Scotch Brite.
The last year I’m only using steel wool 0000 and it works beautiful. Unfortunately I haven’t seen a pad I can use with it.


These aren’t as aggressive as the green pads. They definitely won’t scratch glass. But they do seem a little beefier than the white scrub pads.


@windowsrx Chad and/or @Alex_Lacey Alex were did you purchase the 3M Scotch Brite 9488R pads?


I understand your concern. I have never scratched any glass using that pad. I guess I have been using them for a few months. In the description of the pad, it says it is ideal for glass and cleans most types of surfaces without scratching. I would never say it will not scratch glass, but it has worked really well for me. I use them on every window I clean.




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They last a long time. I use each pad for about 2 weeks. They are very inexpensive. @Wagonhound told me about them.


You have to be real careful when buying 3m products. Under the “Scotch Brite” name, they have all sorts of different part numbers for pads that are designed handle a wide array of surfaces. You wouldn’t want to accidentally pick up a scrubby pad designed to remove rust from cast iron to clean a window. If you ever have a question about a 3M product, they have a help desk you can call 800 3M HELPS.


Thank you Chad!


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Really cool! Spidermans version of Windoe Cleaner.
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All about this.


The white pads are meant for glass surfaces, just be sure to read the product description if you buy an off brand.
Also look here for these…


That looked good! Unfortunately I can’t get that here in Sweden.
I emailed 3M today about their white pads. If they have heard any professional window cleaner made a statement about them.
But I love my steel wool 0000… :grinning:


Someone gave me some white scrub pads made by Scotch Brite that he uses to remove bugs from the front of cars when detailing. Doesn’t scratch the paint at all, and removes the bugs. I tried it on a test pane to see if it would scratch, and it doesn’t at all. No scratch, no swirl, no problem. I think they run about $30 for a box of 20. Part of my kit now.


Really good! Thanks for the info mate!
Maybe there have been guys using white pads who isn’t Scoth Brite, maybe with worse quality.


You’re welcome