Let's see what you got


Hey Mike click here…:wink:

That’s on the desktop, on android its in the bottom right corner it say “upload.”

Hope that helps!


Nice, thank you! Gonna do that


@luke3636, I’d be happy to post some video, just as soon as you send me a GoPro :laughing:


And people on the street would be like: “Why does that homeless window cleaner have a GoPro?”


Now thats was funny!! :sweat_smile:


Ha your phone works as well lol


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Or duct tape


Alot of best videos are on my Facebook. Add me and take a look, it’s a great day to wash some winders


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Back at you Skipper! Its a straight push till the holidays…


Apologies for the low resolution and portrait orientation.


Taco Tuesday, my favorite day of the week!


Nice to see that you are you neat and accurate! Great! What’s on the scrubber pad? Bronze wool?


The more videos the better. I have learned a lot by watching youtube videos. I have never made any technique videos because I don’t think I have anything new or dazzling to add. I do 100% residential, and being the east coast the windows are smaller. 2 straight pulls with a sorbo (2nd slot) for 95% of the windows. Not very sexy or exciting. The west has a lot of modern buildings with huge panes - I used my wagtails much more. I love your videos Luke, they have high entertainment factor as well as good information.


As far as being “the best window cleaner”, I am motivated by that concept. However, I realize that “best” is just a mental concept and does not have any external reality. & yet it is still a motivating archetype. For me personally, I can’t try my hand at anything unless I aim to be the best. It just doesn’t motivate me to be “good.” I am either 100% engaged in something or not interested.

The best, fastest, smartest etc. are just ideals to shoot for not clubs to beat ourselves or other with.

The friendly competitive spirit lifts us all up. the ruthless competitive spirit tears us all down. Just my 2 cents. Thanks for the videos and words fellow window cleaners.


We are all in this together, the teamwork makes the dream work lol


I agree


Nice one Alex!


Blue scrub pad. Can’t find a link at the moment. I think @windowsrx got me onto this particular scrubby