Let's see what you got


Hey just finished watching some of the other guys work…awesome stuff! Thanks for sharing ! @Mr.Glass @mandriva @HE_MAN @Bubble_Guy @leavingnc @ahm915


Well handled


Luke’s videos changed what I thought of cleaning french windows when I first saw them… A much belated thanks!


I think Luke’s videos are inspirational and an artistic expression of his enjoyment for the craft. I encourage and enjoy all forms of artistic and creative expression.


Awesome technique man


You’re the man ! My wife and I really enjoyed those videos ! Awesome!


You need to make a video on “how to make video”


Ha man there are a ton of great videos out there. Polzn…five star. Steve o …king dawber Hermans channel. These guys all inspire me!


My biggest inspiration …@K1ttenpantz …reanna my wife :slight_smile:


Luke you , an your wife do a lot of good with your videos keep up the good work . I’m sure a lot of guys appreciate it.
I have a good amount of friends that at one time were in, an some still Are in the business

Everyone of them was the best , fastest
, greatest window cleaner ever . Who the hell knows , an who the hell cares which one of us is or was , but one thing for sure …we are all good at what we do , or did

Just be good at what you do that’s all that matters.

Sorry if I misconstrued what you were trying to convey with your post, an no …more than likely I won’t be doing a video, an trust me I’m not trying to hide anything . Just not my thing


Right on man. Just a bit of fun. Always curious to see how other folks work.


Man your nosy! :wink:


Ha I enjoy seeing other people’s techniques! I learn a lot on here but actually seeing guys work is a entire different thing. We run across some great styles and techniques all the time on YouTube. I just saw something the other day that I’m going to incorporate in our business. From what I have gathered most guys on here including myself have in some way or another learned from videos on YouTube. I completely agree with @Skipper that you should not dig too deep into it …go off and create your own style. But it’s a great starting get point for many of us.


Its always good to watch others and see if you can learn anything new. My old mans been window cleaning longer than ive been alive ( im almost 27) and dispite seeing better methods and better tools he sticks to his old ways and old tools while I run rings around him due to learning different and faster techniques and buying better tools thanks to info of youtub. Here is an example, back when the liquidator was released me in rainy Scotland was none the wiser to this tool from the gods until I found out about it on… you guessed it YOUTUBE!!! So a big thank you to all the guys for the time and effort in putting so much effort into your vids for the sole reason to pass on what you know, I take my bonnet (hat) off to yee


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My technique is different now cause I’ve got more beard to work around. One day I’ll catch up with @luke3636


Ha ha ya you are


Lol. This is a “calling you out” thread, if I ever saw one.

I haven’t been around for a while, so…
Sorry, Who are you getting pissy with?

If you’re gonna call a MF-er out… At least address them by name.


Ya it has been awhile. Hope all has been well. Actually was meant to be fun, there was a lot of awesome videos that were posted . I tagged some of the vets and most experienced guys …thought it would be awesome to see their techniques. I should have tagged you as well lol I forgot. I think a lot of members could benefit from see a true professional like you work.


If I knew how to upload a video I would