Let's see what you got


Did this one about a year ago.


Or this one did it few months ago


Nice to see you on here Herman.


This was me on a Sunday, a day I usually try to have off if possible. It was over 100°F down here in SE Texas and ultra humid.

Wasn’t trying to go fast or anything, just showing my Facebook friends my process for my storefront accounts.

Enjoy and critique if you’d like!


i’m still a little new at this


Left handed cool!


Nah, the video is just backwards because i had the camera flipped like i was taking a selfie. :stuck_out_tongue:


Nice work, I bet the customers like the show! :wink:

What size channel were you using?


It looked like a 14 from here it was kinda hard to tell since it was on the move! lol


Yes, they do. It generates a lot of positive energy around me, ppl always coming up to me to talk, 99% positive.
I hope I can do more videos in future of the actual window cleaning techniques.


That would be a good thing for the new people entering into the industry.

Thanks for sharing a bit of your style with everyone.



Na this is condescending are you serious. I don’t need to do a Video to prove anything . What happen you read something you didn’t like to trigger your ego.
You really think we’re trying to hide behind our keyboards because we don’t have s UTube channel. Son trust me you don’t have my experience I don’t need to prove it to you.

I’ve never seen Steve nor have I ever seen Jesse nor do I care I can tell by how they speak that there good at what they do.

Get over yourself Luke you don’t want to see new techniques you know it all already. We told you to stop leaning ladders against Windows. An you said you been doing thousands of times but thanks I’m good.
Your a little cocky bro




This is a video I made for YouTube 2 years ago (I think). Made with iMovie on my phone but I didn’t upload it for a while.


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What do you mean what is this ? You should quote Luke’s post an say what is this

Stop hiding behind your key board an put up a video. " YOU WANT TO CLAIM TO BE THE FASTEST, MOST EXPERIENCED SIMPLY GREAT , WINDOW CLEANERS SHOW US. …an then he calls certain people out … Like we have to prove our selves

Really !!!

videos are his thing we don’t do videos so he feels we don’t do them because we are hiding something That’s his problem.
Lol we are all fakers we come on here an talk like we know what we’re doing. So put up now , so all can see mine is up stop hiding

Well that’s what I got from it. Lol. It’s cocky!!! We joke around on here , we answer questions an try to help people. Luke’s does videos to help people … I hope !! But it seems he is getting abit cocky with himself. Not going to knock him or his wife you both are good window cleaners you take pride in what you do that’s awesome. You could asked in a better way not call us posers first then say put up or shut up.


From what i can discern by reading Luke’s posts and watching his videos, I’m sure that the tone of this thread was sincerely in the spirit of fun. I think his videos are a combination of truly loving and living his work, not to show off. Making videos - especially such quality ones - takes a lot of time and effort, and so many of his don’t even showcase his technique, but simply give tips that can really help someone new. One of his best imo is one he made on what is your inspiration. You can see his sincere motives and that he just wants to share with people and inspire each other.

Anyway, that’s just my take for what it’s worth.


Does anyone really care who is fast? Or who has the “best method” the most important thing is what the customer thinks when they see us clean and are we being safe and careful both to ourselves and to our customers property.


Hey good morning ! I just thought this would be a bit of fun ! Never meant to strike a chord with you. I’m sure you’re an awesome worker. I’ve never claimed to know everything and never will. I’ve learned a lot from guys like you , @Skipper , @Steve076. And you’re right you don’t need some silly youtube channel to prove anything . I honestly do make my videos because I want to help new guys and we enjoy putting them together. You’re right I don’t have your experience and never will just thought you’d share some with us in a video. But I totally get that it’s not your thing, you share plenty on here. Thanks for all of your knowledge and I take it you won’t be posting a video ?