Let's see what you got


Maybe good with short squeegee but no so good with longer one. :joy:



Sweet little fanning :grinning:


Hey Alex was the scrubber you used steel wool on a pad or a white scrubber? I really need to get a handle for when I steel wool. Just curious.


I feel like i learned something. Nice technique!


Nice use of the mini squeeg. I named mine Zippy.


Did this one bit over a year ago.


OF cause here is what the new swivel squeegee / scrubber of the future works like.


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Lol. Luke your something. Nice to see who does what.


Not the greatest video though. Weeeee. This is fun.lol


Who wants to go to a growth webinar.I’m going it’s going to be something. Reserve your spot to hear the man that was making 200,000 a month income stream cleaning windows.


This. Thurs 8pm


Hey goldy. Can you make me a squeegee. I’ll pay you. Seriously. Your pretty smooth there. You give me a run for my money. Lol


herman is awesome.
marcus who is doing the webinar?


Josh Latimer


He sent me an invite


Josh is good about sending out emails :wink:



So your not going


This is a proto type with unique rotary type movement different to any other on the market.
Hopefully see it next year some time.