Let's see what you got


Anybody can be the best window cleaner on a keyboard. My and Reanna’s technique is on my channel and videos are on here for anybody to see. I’d love nothing more than for some of the vets on here that claim to be the fastest, most experienced , simply great window cleaners show us! I’ve never claimed and never will claim to be the best or the fastest. I simply want to see your technique. No excuses…too busy , no time , don’t need to …residential commercial storefront …heck your own home windows. Can record this on your phone no need for editing or anything fancy. Who’s up for a bit of fun???


Please feel free to upload on this thread !


I like to watch tends work well for me


Ha not what I meant buddy…I’m sure I’ll get all kinds of these responses …come on @Skipper @Majestic66 @Steve076 any takers ! I’m not calling anybody out I just want to see different techniques


Always got to be an instigator! :wink:

^^^ That is my contribution to the thread.

Alright here you go Luke…


No this is a friendly showcase your technique thread.


https://youtu.be/aKmjjypb1Rs this was me back in 84


I like your hair !


Thanks! It’s not as sweet as that bedazzle shirt! :wink:


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fastest window cleaner on earth


Speaking of getting called out…


Yo @luke3636!! ^^^


I saw it earlier lol . Kalfas gave us a bit of a shout out.


Yup! I thought it was kinda cool.


It was !


Clips from a few years ago.


There ya go! Finally another guy not scared to post some videos ! Thanks man


Nothing to be embarrassed about here! I know I am not the the best or the fastest but I don’t get many complaints either. And if I suck, in the experts opinion, maybe I can pick up I trick and learn something.