Lesson Learned on Commerical Bid ( Gym))


Coincidentally, I cleaned a boutique for a residential customer of mine and ran into the same exact thing. Never realized it until I was there to clean.

So here’s a picture of my pile of mess!


so did you charge for it or no? Its a mess to deal with.


I charged a bit more. But I have this customer on a quarterly schedule at her house. So she’s already paying me quite a bit per year already. It’ll make up for it eventually and it also keeps me around.


But when I told her my price, she did say “that’s all? You were here a half day”.


I will save u money now …do research on types of glass…my first week I clean a huge boat store and after all my bragging half the windows were plexiglass…they were clean when I left but the owner was disappointed these windows were very old and plexiglass… had him thinking they would look brand new and i felt bad after and cut him a small deal …my sales tactic was windows cleaned startup cheap so he understood I was new and still lets me clean the windows