Last job of 2017


Well here it is… the end of the year and my last job! It snowed in the beginning of the week and temps been freezing at night. There goes the outdoor work shifted till the new year.

Here’s our last job: interior window cleaning glass curtain wall and stairwell glass. Not a bad job to end the year being in a climate controlled stairwell… there was even light jazz playing from speakers in the stairwell… most excellent! :sunglasses:


Just got to ask, is that a handrail that is used as your safety line while standing on ledge?



Let me guess… you could never get away with that where you’re from :wink:


Everything’s gotta be rated for a weight limit especially something that isn’t even meant to be used as a tie back.

We each have our own lines that we allow ourselves and employees to cross


What you say is true.


Last job of the year for me is a Reno. Charged $500. They look amazing.