Largest bid yet


Is it a hotel ?


it’s a retirement home


he emailed me yesterday asking if we could also give him a price for the insides, if he accepts it it will be over $10000 which blows me away because just last july we celebrated our first $10000 MONTH!

it also goes to show that persistence pays off when we got there I told my partner that I had come by about 2 years ago and given an unsolicited bid but I thought they probably forgot about that and found us since we are the top result on Google but when I went in to give them our estimate he remembered that I had come in and said well we finally got approval for the window cleaning and I think that that may have been in our favor that this wasn’t the first time we had come in. so for all you guys who are discouraged because you go out and look for work but don’t seem to land anything that day it could come two years later!


Are they going to be paying in thirds, halfway, or the end of the job?


i don’t know, he asked for a sample invoice to expedite payment


Ok. Hope everything works out. That’s a lot of money to leave on the table waiting for you. Maybe even ask for a 1/3 down?


2 for one, this is what one side of the building looks like and what the tds reeds coming out of the RO only.

we will be about 70% done with the building at the end of the day which means we should be 2 days ahead of schedule.


Nice! :thumbsup:



awesome man!! that’s a big confidence bosster, I’m glade things are working out for you.


Congrats!!! She’s a beaut. And I appreciate the words you wrote too! Love the inspiration man.