Large wholesaler now selling basic DI cart


Costco’s now offering the CR Spotless system to the public. Here’s a link:



I saw that some months ago; they also sell cartridges and resin.

I contacted Duncan regarding life of resin, due he uses this system, but he didn’t have any data.


I wonder if costco is the only place to get replacement cartridges?


500,000 divide by your TDS will tell you how much water will pass through a 25 litre bag of resin before it needs to be changed.


Chris, I can get you replacement cartridges for that cosco system. Thats a standard 20" big blue housing.


I understand that resin replacement is realistic v. cartridge replacement.

CR Spotless direct:

Amazon lists the system for sale, but not resin or cartridges.

Garage Outfitters Canada:

CR Spotless references can also be found regarding various auto detailing listings.


with a name like varitek , are you in the boston area somewhere? as I was loking for a source for resin


I have a place in Pembroke,MA Regien-x


do you sell, regenerate resin , do you have a website or a price list


Does anyone know what the difference btween this one and others on the market? I’ve looked at others and the price is around $1500, and this is around $400. Is there something I’m missing?


Sorry Macroomboy. I didn’t mean I have a place. I have a place I use. the email address is If you don’t get him let me know.


I am pretty sure the others out there are offering prefilters and possibly some R/O along w/DI


Sorry , Misunderstood, will give him a try Im just up the road in weymouth


The Costo machine is claiming 800 gallons with 100 ppm TDS. 500,000/100 should yeild 5000 gallons right. Even 5000 liters is 1320 gallons. 800 gallons seems quite low.


I went to costco to check this thing out… they only sell it online though.