Lady was concerned about soap on her flower beds


First time that had happened but apparently they do exist.

On the other hand, i barely had the estimate out of my mouth and she said let’s book it now. I’ll leave the door open for you if we aren’t back yet when you show up.


Nice. I had one customer that I never met. She just left a blank check in the kitchen and left the door unlocked for us.

Humm, why would she have soap on her flower beds? That’s weird.


Drips i guess.


TSP (Trisodium Phosphate) is a great surfactant and is also widely used as a fertilizer. It would help the garden if it was dripped on it.

I have to be careful not to use TSP around wood as it can also be a paint thinner. It has excellent glide but no bubbles :persevere: and is so slippery that I don’t use it when handling ladders. I have been very comfortable using TSP for spraying screens while using the Aztec screen washer.


I used TSP to clean a vinyl floor once. It was in a restaurant and had a lot of wine stains, etc. The TSP cleaned the floor great, and one of the waitresses came to work and thought the owners had put in a new floor. That stuff is potent though and can do damage, Read the warnings on the label. I had no idea that TSP was used as a fertilizer though. Interesting,

You could use a pure water system around the flower beds to avoid soaps and detergents, couldn’t you?




TSP can also etch the finish on metal strips/mullions. I was trying to train a new employee on a couple of commercial windows with the rubber seals and she apparently left some residue. A couple of days later I saw very faint etching. Although I really like TSP it is not “employee proof.” I use 1 tablespoon per gallon, as recommended by @Samuel

I used TSP one time for carpet cleaning. Although it worked great the spillage made the adjacent tile floor super slippery causing me to almost break my 4th point of contact. I also learned that any residue left in the shampooer could damage metal finishes on internal components.


Just throw a thick tarp on top of the flowers to protect them from drips.


it’s added to breakfast cereal too!