Ladder or Pole? What do you use more?


Personally i havent worked with ladders much yet but do you more often use ladders or poles for your work?

I personally have 3 work colleagues which are still schooled from the old stuff and they would walk up a 6 part chicago ladder with bracing…

But really often they get out the ladders from the car roof when theres a window thats too high to get to it with a 4 steps stepladder rather than just using a pole instead…

The people i work with right now usually have customers where you can pole the windows.

But really when you can pole a window you dont have to get a ladder out from your car.


commercial my go to is the pole, residential it’s the ladder


Storefront/commercial I pretty much only trad pole, unless it’s above about 12’-15’ then it’s the WFP. Never ladder if I can help it.

Residential, it depends.
Anything above what I can reach with a 24’ ladder is automatically relegated to the WFP. Less than that height and I need to weigh safety, quality and speed in the balance before choosing one method or the other.


Ladder for most residential windows. Pole work for most commercial that is under 15’. I’m not great at pole work 20’ and up.




Well those 3 colleagues of mine just dont seem to like poles overall, theyre from the old school where poles werent a thing yet…But doesnt mean poles are bad.


I had an Unger telplus 30 ft pole back around 1980. Long adjustable poles aren’t that new a thing. :sunglasses:


Theyre in their rent in 3 years, its a bit longer ago :stuck_out_tongue:


Poles for commercial

Residential rarely is poled


I feel like Pole Work on houses is taboo. I would almost always prefer a ladder at residential jobs. Commerical jobs that are not residential windows, give me that pole!


I have one of those used it once. To heavy !!


We actually have a few houses that we have some windows to pole but thats very rare.


What are you using to squeegee high windows a carbon fiber WFP?


To Squeegee … 4 Piece 24’ Garlick.
Reaches everything I have. I bought the 5 Piece 30’ for one job that we did once , An that was it. It was higher than the 24’ would reach.


Some day I’ll have to try a garlick pole.


3 Piece 8’ The one I use the most.


Is there a reason that you prefer a three piece over a two piece 8ft pole? I’ve always used a two piece for storefronts.




With the Garlick poles the 2 Piece sticks come in 12’ lengths, Reducing down to 6’.
The 3 Piece 8’ size is good for most of the work we do,whitest reducing down to 3-4’
At 4’-5’ makes it easier to keep somewhere. The 3 Piece 8’ works for me
Where I keep them , so do the 3 Piece 12’ Sticks :sunglasses: