Ladder Locks


What a bust did you watch it till the end :joy::man_facepalming:


Or an even better deal. Set of two:


Excellent. Had no idea they sold them. Good price for a pair as well.


They’re still a little cheaper on amazon. They have a set of 2 with locks and keys and only $5 shipping for $67


Our favourites as we use:

Never had a problem.


Doesn’t ship to the US unfortunately


I had no clue these existed. I hate tying down ladders.


I have been using the hookum dano ladder locks for over a year now. They are good, but I’m still looking for something better. Here are the pros and cons imo:

-Very secure load-securement-wise. At least as secure as ratchet straps, which I feel are the only other acceptable tie-down. (Bungee chords are a big “No” imo; and the buckle-style straps are pretty bad too.)

-Fairly secure, security wise. (I had to cut one off, which took me about 5-10 minutes with a hand saw. Why? That’s a whole 'nother story.)

-Very fast. They’re fantastic when they work smoothly. You can secure a ladder in under two minutes.

-The holes aren’t the right size for the locks they recommend. I had to re-drill them for my locks to fit.

-The screw part doesn’t always turn smoothly on the j-hook. This makes installing and removing them take much longer. I’ve spent 10 minutes before messing with them.

-They rust terribly. For the price, the j-hooks should really be stainless steel. Heck, I’d pay more if it were an option. They rusted so badly I had to replace the entire set, which isn’t cheap. That’s why I’m still looking for a better option.

They are overall better than ratchet straps, but are still quite imperfect. The company has a great idea, but really needs to improve the engineering of their product. I’d say, yes, buy them, but be prepared to only be partially satisfied.


Yeah, I was looking at the discounted price I get with my WCRA membership


Thank you, exactly what I was looking for. I wanted to see if they were a faster option than what I’m using right now. I have some cam buckle straps


Perhaps buying the ones on amazon from Britain helps with the rust issues. Because of the greater rainfall over there, maybe theirs are better for it. I think I’ll give them a try.

I too found them very easy and secure. Hauling a 3 stage 36’ in 40-50mph winds and they never flinched.


It still works. I’m not saying it works because isaw a you tube video.

That’s the only one i can find in a hurry.


it was so funny the video ended right when we where going to see it break.


“Hook-Um Dano”

Thats awesome!


Looks like you can get them on eBay for around $100 after shipping.


Just to add my honest opinion on the hook-em dano ones, I think they have amazing potential yet are lacking in a couple things. My main dislike is the small bar they use that screws down onto the larger bar that goes across the ladder. When using these to actually hold the ladder on the rack it’s possible to overtighten them and the small bar can be difficult to turn to remove the thing. One of the four I have got bent as well and is useless. Overall they do make things easier and faster when getting ladders on and off the truck, but I have ideas that would improve them significantly I think, might look into creating my own style one day if there is ever time. Careful if you use them on the rails of an aluminum ladder as the ladder can bend and that technically could effect it’s safety.

On a side note I have greater than normal lock knowledge as I’m kind of a locksmith by hobby and there is no way you could lock a ladder on a truck that will stop anyone who knows much and wants it from getting it. Locks only keep honest people honest and give you an impression of piece of mind. There are few locks out there that can’t be bypassed in such a way that the person breaking its security cant appear to have used the actual key to any untrained observer. I usually have multiple locks so as to make someone really want my stuff before they even try.


Good info thank you


I use high quality bike locking cables with the best all weather locks I can find, tough to cut through, flexible, cheap, able to wrap around several ladders. Offers security, wraps tight to my ladder rack, I have this at the head of the truck, the butt end gets a Biothane strap just to hold down the load. Kryptonite-KryptoFlex-Double-Loop-Cable-Gear-Patrol


If someone wants something bad enough (Like us entrepenures with new customers and such) they will by all means do what it takes to get what they need to succeed in what the mission is.

If you want something bad enough what would you do to get it? Ilike those latter locks by the way and would like to have a set for my 24 and 32 ft ladders. I dont use the ladders much but would proberly like to have it to bolt to the side of the building.

Ladders become weak when they are continusly moved and vibration from the roads make them weak as well. Just thought id put that in there too.