Ladder Locks


is anyone currently using these to hold down their ladders? I’ve been considering buying a pair, but I’d like to see if anyone has some and if they are worth the money.

I’m trying to secure a 24ft 200lb rating extension ladder and a 32 225lb rating, to a contractor ladder rack. I was wondering if these work on trucks or only vans.


Are you looking to secure for transport or secure for anti theft?


Mainly for transport but I’d like to kill 2 birds with one stone and protect from theft. As much as a small little lock can protect from theft. I’m in a nicer area so theft isn’t that big of a concern


Yes!!! They were the preferred way to haul ladders in Europe. I used them for 4 years and curse myself for not bringing them back with me. Every time I use the stupid ratchet straps, I curse myself again.

They are quick, safe and impossible for a ladder to break from the rack. Add to that, you can put a padlock simply through the handle.

Did you find a USA supplier? If so who and what price?


$40 each shipped


My question is where do I get a blue extention ladder?


Amazon prime has them, 49$ free 2 day shipping. Thanks for the info I’ll be getting my self some.



Hold up, it’s not amazon prime, but still free shipping


Either way…it’s domestic. I’ll be getting a set for myself.

Now, if we can just get the European style extension ladders all would be perfect.

Thanks for the info.


Actually, take a look at these. This probably a better deal.

This is two sets (4) ladder clamps as opposed to getting just one. You definitely need two per ladder.

This is a better price and if it’s just 5.00 for shipping from Britain, it’s the better deal.


Are these the same size though?


Far as I can tell. They look exactly like what I used. Remember too, the euro ladders are usually 3 extensions, so these would be plenty deep enough for ours.

Main thing to remember with these, is don’t over tighten them. There is simply no need. Keep the threads oiled if they start to get rusty and they’re fine.


I’m trying to stack my 24 on top of my 32, did you ever do any stacking with them? Or just one per ladder


My 36 was three 12’ sections. I never stacked a fourth section.


Here’s 2 pennies from someone who had his stuff ripped off recently and also, when I was a kid…I was taking it if it wasn’t bolted to the concrete.

Call it what you will.

First off, thats a great idea to hold the ladders down. I’d get it for THAT reason. Security wise, I really think the lock is to keep it from coming unthreaded on the road.

Because theres no way thats gonna keep a thief from jacking.

That right there is not going to kill 2 birds with one stone.

What you want is to get something/make something to where it will take too long to get away with your stuff that they either won’t try or they’ll get caught while trying.


Actually, Tory when it’s locked, it’s not going anywhere unless you rip the entire rack off. It’s a very simple, but solid design. I’m surprised they haven’t landed here yet.

Where I lived in Ireland, they would steal everything but your memories. But everyone had these with locks. Not a prob.

It’s like the steering wheel locks - a determined thief will find a way. But this requires a lot of effort and determination.


I see what you’re saying, but, seeing a lock will discourage most thieves, a dedicated thief will take my ladders no matter what, I just want the lock for looks


they could undo those padlocks and from a distance it would look as if they unlocked them with the speed it takes to break it.
If someone is determined there is no stopping them, I clean many homes where the customer have had security screens installed riveted into place on double hungs so they cannot be cleaned , yet they have the fixed panel of the slider exposed, if they really wanted to get in its not hard to break a window…

All these things are is a deterrent to the opportunist criminal, but someone who is determined to commit the offense, unless its under armed guard 24/7 then its free game to those who don’t use a shop :wink:


Just sayin’


Really? Hmm. That padlock looks ready for a bolt cutter or some freon and a
quick ding with a hammer. I been wrong before…but those steering wheel
locks takes about 1 minute to take off fyi…


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