Keith Kalfas


I agree that he should split up into 2 crews. He even speaks in one of his videos about turning down window cleaning jobs because he’s booked. That’s kind of foolish to me. Expanding into another crew would better the business.


Funny seeing a thread for him. About a year ago I discovered his Youtube videos and channels after looking for some new content. He had a few very good motivational and inspirational video that really hit it home, forget the name of it though. Watched videos of his within the last year-- he is a good speaker, and some of his spiritual talk is right down my alley. He seems to be a hustler, and I respect that.

That being said-- He is also trying to sell you something. But in this day and age, why leave any money on the table? I’m not sure if its here or another window cleaning tool store, there is a “Keith Kit”-- Nice touch… and the true capitalist in me has a laugh. As said above, the fact there is a thread about him-- his name online and on here is somewhat familiar. Nothing against him, personally-- just a different way to run a business and I’m sure everyone here has theirs.

A good friend of mine started window cleaning earlier this year. He has based his business model off of Keith’s and his ideals for pricing (Not totally, but you can understand what I mean if you watch them)–among a few others and read some good books. He is on his first year-- but I told him that once season hits, your phone will not stop ringing. Just have to keep at it-- he’s already got a WFP and DI tank due to the info off here from you guys and from myself. Passed out hangers, built a nice website, has a secretary or whatever answer the phone and schedule things for him. Taking over for his old man eventually, and building his brand up along the way. (I’ve known them both for over 26 years-- his dad actually was the first person to train me in window cleaning, some 12 years ago) It is definitely a different way than I am used to seeing. But he is happy, and has big plans for the future and I can’t say anything bad about him-- he is out of the corporate rat race like the rest of us!! But Keith’s videos, along with others-- definitely had an influence on him.

So that is my first hand experience seeing someone work off of Keith’s videos, among a few other creators on youtube and here. Personally, I don’t have an issue with him and enjoy some of his content-- but the methods discussed are not “The Bible” by any means-- just another window cleaner LIVING THE DREAM and sharing his journey.


never heard of him or watched his stuff.

who needs him when wcr and this community is here??? :sunglasses::grinning::grinning:


Getting info from different sources is a good thing; for both what to do and what not to do, or just picking out parts that work for you.


Of course…i made more of a fun statement :slight_smile:


Its funny that Keith has now changed his youtube to “escape the landscaper trap” He has switched to landscaping to get more views… I think the guy is a total scam and preys on guys looking to start a low start up cost business, its all about the $ to him… If it smells fishy, ITS FISHY!


I don’t see any evidence of him “preying” on new guys. Him changing the name of the channel doesn’t automatically mean he is untrustworthy and that he “preys” on the new guys. I find your statements to be very emotion driven rather than fact or sense driven


Also I don’t see where he changed his YouTube name. Plus if it were all about the money to him I doubt he would wait 3 weeks to put out a video


Maybe your right… I think the guy is fishy.


I believe Kieths hearts in the right place, the thing is “everyone’s not going to like everyone” so if an individual or group is not your cup of tea, find the people you “get down with” and follow them.

It’s pretty simple.


Lack of motivation is a main reason people fail in life. Motivation and reachable goals give life direction. So…motivators are useful if we have the common sense to filter out the unselfish elements from the self serving. On balance Keith has been good for my motivation. Without the swearing it would be still better.


Whatever he is doing …there is an entire thread dedicated to him.


he has a few of them if i remember correctly


Love him or hate him one thing is for sure. He has a an international window cleaning forum, with guys from all over the world, talking about him on a thread that is labeled with his name and it has 73 comments…wait 74 on it. Who are his fanboys again?


You need strong motivation to do this job successfully and long term.