Keith Kalfas


Kalfas wouldn’t be here, because I don’t think he could handle the criticism he would get for saying something hack-ish. He sticks to social media where his fanboys can stroke his ego.

You and whoever else, can love Kalfas all you want. Admire whoever pops up on YouTube that tickles your fancy. I don’t see any value in what he has to say.

I’m on the way to owning a business, not a job. Kalfas owns a job and it will always be the way it is with him. If a person is happy there, so be it.

I’m all about building a business to be an income stream that makes me lots of cashflow, with little to no involvement. I’m all about finding and creating revenue streams. I want the financial independence that comes from being the 1%. Maybe I’ll never find it, maybe I will. But I can clearly see what is a waste of my time. :grinning:


He was probably at one time a driven individual who focused only on being a positive face in the industry but time and familiarity warped his view of what’s relevant and what’s not. You can’t go from filming a motivational video to filming yourself cussing like a drunk sailor. All positive views from an advice seeking individual are gone at that point and ultimately that’s your target audience, right?? The day I was watching one of his videos and it cut to him eating dinner and shopping for a tv, it lost me. He has some solid videos but a lot of them are garbage. Seems like a cool dude but thats about it. I respect his come up and all of that also but I couldn’t care less about what he’s eating or what he’s buying from the store. Just irrelevant to me. He uses YouTube like a 16 year old girl uses Facebook. Best way to put it.


Im confused a bit …do you own a buisness?


Do you? Remember, it’s called the American Dream for a reason.
And you think your pathway there is through window cleaning?:thinking:


Tbh, check to check living has more to do with poor money management than poor income. I mean, there are some people in complete poverty who cannot get out of that cycle. But for everyone else, it’s all about decisions. There are people who make more than I do, who have a lot less in the bank. And I am sure there are others who make less than me, but have more in the bank.


Right on the money is about living to your means and these days 90% of people live outside their means, thus creating debt, a mortgage to buy your house is needed but all other credit is basically just making you live to work rather then work to live…

I personally and in business don’t even have a credit card , and tbh IDK anything about the American dream, it seems the American dream is the fuel for corporations which we really need to do without as with the more power a corporation gains the stronger making it until before we know it they are a government entity.


I completely agree and would call a person who is not financially responsible not successful also


Yuip, that right there is the attitude toward business I am talking about. “It’s just a window business”. Think small, be small. Think big, be big.

The guy who started FISH probably thought like you too. :joy:


Of coarse I own my business…


I believe this is the same reason more experienced guys don’t frequent here. Many have big egos and cant handle difference of opinion and more the criticism.

Anytime you post a video or text you must know that there will be people who agree and disagree but it’s how you handle the disagreements that makes your post respectable/creditable or not.


He probably got you confused with someone else… we tend to look at the avatars and you and Parker both are beige.


The reality is, most of you live here under anonymity. There are very few people out here who provide their social media links, or their business links.

Keith Kalfas is entertaining and provides some value. He not afraid to put himself out there. The majority of users on this forum are quick to criticize, but won’t put out any proof of success for all to see.

Successful people stay away, not because of criticism, but because of narrow-minded views and unwillingness of some members to think outside of the box.


I owe Keith big time. I found the WCR forum because he recommended this place on a video.


Well to be honest the only reason that is, is the change in platform, 90% of people would have their signatures under the old WCR platform, where is was a part of forum since it was changed to slight differences, I don’t know if the signature feature is still available but I haven’t found it.


Fair enough.


I can understand why some people like the anonymity.

On my profile I have my name. I used to have my location and former business website. Unfortunately, someone on here plagiarized a lot of the content and tried to mimic the layout. Perhaps thinking it was ok since we weren’t in the same state.

On other Facebook groups I have seen where someone who might have offered a differing opinion (even in a respectful manner) get ridiculed and some have had people leave fake negative reviews on the business page.


It’s amazing people like that can get a driver’s license. How incredibly childish…


Never read the book and not sure who he is, but the fact that he has a thread with his name on it must mean he’s done something right. If there’s one thing I know is that with success comes ridicule and jealousy. Sometimes you got to ask yourself, are you successful enough to not ridicule and be jealous of others success? No matter the other persons path to success.


[quote=“Rockward, post:58, topic:44744, full:true”] Sometimes you got to ask yourself, are you successful enough to not ridicule and be jealous of others success? No matter the other persons path to success.
I guess not because I can’t help but ridicule some people AND their success.


Lol I enjoyed that one :joy: