Keith Kalfas


I watched a lot of Kalfas’ videos when I first wanted to start window cleaning. I loved every minute of his videos. I have watched tons of his videos, not so much anymore simply because I am busier than I was in the summer when I first started watching him. Anyways, I have seen some negative comments about him in the past on this forum and YouTube and stuff. Why the “hate” for him? I feel like he’s a good guy and everyone who talked down on him didn’t really peovide examples or motivation for what they said so I was curious to hear from his critics what they dislike about him


My problem with Kalfas is he is teaching people to start a business half assed. As in like a hack.

He is there to build a “fan base” and sell you crap, like his book or his window cleaner kit.

I’m glad for the people that follow him though. At least I know those people will NEVER be any serious competition to me.


Here you go 93 replies already been done…


I feel like that’s unfair. I mean there are plenty of people, succussful at that, that promote their own products on the side. I mean you can’t hate on someone for that. I don’t really see how he teaches how to build a business poorly. Granted I don’t think he ever goes in to a lot of detail on the actual process, he more talks about the mindset. I feel like he gives good info out. Idk just my thoughts


Ah yes, I’ve read that thread before. I didn’t really see a lot of evidence per say, just bashing that wasn’t fully backed up. But to each his own. No one forces you to like someone.


I personally don’t really watch many youtube videos but I don’t need to learn and from what I have seen he doesn’t really clean many windows in his videos(and when he does he does an terrible job), so I would never watch a video where someone had the cam on them while they dribble shit.

He reminds me of a guy I know who likes the sound of his own voice and everything that comes out of his mouth is grossly exaggerated, like the 4’ fish he caught (was really 11"). Like the guy low balling store fronts claiming he making $400/hr… more like $40.


He did seem cool to watch at first. Then it was like he was selling a bill of goods without any real substance. The videos all say how much money you can make and how much he is making. To me it reminds me of the guy on YouTube who tells you how to make money while walking through a expensive house with a bunch of nice cars and how you can end up the same way.
He needs to put some videos of himself cleaning a actual job for once if I can take him seriously. Every video he randomly pops in at a jobsite were it’s halfway being completed and starts with his sales pitch


My advice is to watch the videos on technique and products. The best product videos often come from users more so than vendors or distributors. They tend to be more neutral and objective.

Luke has some good vids on pricing and I find a lot of the English guys have great stuff on waterfed.

Personally, I steer clear of videos and podcasts pitching someone’s philosophy on stuff. I guess I’m still a bit stuck on the old school thought that 'Those that can - do. Those that can’t - teach’. Probably not the most up to date thinking with YouTube being what it is for educational stuff.


I respect that he started his own business and made himself successful. I think his videos are aimed at people who are getting ready to start out and he is encouraging them to overcome their fears.

However, once a new WCer has got some experience; cleaned a few houses, underbid a few jobs (oh crap, how come I didn’t see that/count that ??), been required to file an Environmental Impact Statement in order to clean some prehistoric crud out of tracks :unamused:, and so forth, then it’s time to move on to videos that are more instructive on technique, products, bidding, etc.


Eh. Could be said that:
"Those that can’t teach - do. Those that can teach - teach."
Just as plausible. Not all are teachers.


He also has some very practical videos about knowing your numbers and how to break it down.
Those who ask ’ How would you price this?’ would benefit from that.

@Parker1751 Whenever people shame, it’s about their shame, not the recipient. That’s where the bashing stems from.


Alright I’m gonna have to withdraw my last comment , I have never looked him up just watched the vids others have posted on here, I just watched a pretty good job done by him, he even admits hes not he best tech, but he does do an acceptable job or above from what I witnessed.


Ain’t that the truth. I’ve worked over the years with some brilliant folks that couldn’t even begin to teach or train others in their field.


Sorry you feel that’s unfair. That’s my opinion (the thing you asked for).

Everyone probably defines success differently. I don’t see Kalfas as a real success in business. He’s not even a success with YouTube, IMO. MANY people on there that make WAY more money than him with YouTube.

Even though most people here despise a franchise, I wonder what the guy that started FISH is pulling down a year and how much he actually has to work?

Here is something to set in the back of your mind. IF a window cleaner is a true success, why would they have time to make videos and goof around? Successful people don’t waste their time (a limited commodity) doing things that don’t make them money or enrich their lives. Successful people don’t waste their time nursing along new people for free. Narcissistic people are usually in it for vanity.

Now, that’s not to say ALL people making videos are some kind of loser. But those that are truly successful in business are not running a freebie YouTube channel. It’s a time suck. Time that could be better used making money and building your business. There are many good channels covering many useful subjects. But they aren’t paying the creators enough money to make it a “business”. Nor are the rewards you receive enough.


I’ll say this: His videos were the motivational catalyst that got me into the window business for myself a couple years ago.

After about 3 months his content was much less relevant to my needs.

He is not a bad person. He is not the best window cleaner or business person. He is a hard worker and knows how to make people feel good about themselves, which gives him the power to sell.


When I referred to succussful people making videos, gaining an audience and promoting their own products I wasn’t necessarily giving KK as an example. Just saying there are others that do the same as he does. Luke the window cleaner has time to make videos, do reviews and drink beer with his wife and talk window cleaning and such. I would still define him succussful. Maybe not the end goal of where he wants to be yet but he has created a succussful business that supports his wife and himself. I realize you said that everyone who makes YT vids isn’t a “loser” but I feel like generalizing anyone who makes YT vids is not something we should do. Some people make videos because they want to teach others and help them grow. KK SAYS he had some very bad times in his life. So long as this is true, you could argue that he wants to motivate and help others because he has been in their shoes. I completely understand your points. Though I somewhat disagree with some of them and am also playing devils advocate.


100% agreed. He has also given me the motivation and encouragement to start a business. Honestly I haven’t learned that much that was substantial to window cleaning techniques and what not but he gives people insight into his mindset and motivations and passes them along to his viewers. I wouldn’t say in a million years that KK was the best window cleaner out there. He most likely knows and accepts that but he is a great guy providing a great service to his viewers


Take a moment and think about this…

Many successful people give there time,money and knowledge freely.
In our industry many successful people have YouTube channels and other social media outlet’s that they share the knowledge and experiences.
It enriches there lives to help others.

I know for myself if I can just help one person along my journey in life and I could save that person the strife I had to endure it enriches my life and theirs.


He knows his stuff when it comes to landscaping. But he is as basic as it comes with window cleaning. He refuses to do storm windows, high windows, and relies on water red pole. Window cleaning is a side business for him.

Also it looks like he isn’t very interested in growing beyond 1 crew, which he still works on full time. It does not really make sense why he would split himself between 2 completely different services when he only has 1 crew.


Like logging into a window cleaning forum every day?

Maybe helping other people for free does enrich their lives.