Keep Moving Forward


Hi All,

I just wanted to encourage you all, esp the newbies, to keep moving forward. I have been slowly moving toward commercial (500 plus per service) for months now, and while I havent done a ton of sales, I only had one hotel interested that i think I still may close, but it was starting to seem like larger accounts around here just didnt care as much as resi and storefronts. Then, I was cleaning a 20 a month chiropractor that I have had for over a year, and out walks the facility manager of 10 bank locations in my area. They just changed up management and he wanted a quote. A month after meeting him I am just about to close all 10 locations bi annually, and I know my prices are mid to mid high for my area, so I am quite excited to know there are people in my area that care about quality and are willing to pay for it. So, I just wanted to put it out there to keep moving forward, doing a good job, and working your business because luck usually comes after many hours of hard work. :slight_smile:


Funny … I was cleaning a supermarket the other day An the samething happened.
He has 24 Urgent Cares in need of service. So , ya it comes ya just have to keep hammering away.


Good for you @Majestic66! Those are the really nice ones, and the kind I will be going after as much as I can!