Just submitted my first commercial proposal


I started up my business back in October, and after only having 2-3 jobs over the winter due to unusual amounts of snow things are finally starting to pick up. Everything I’ve done so far has been residential, but there’s a new building going up in town with a ton of windows ( around 130 panes) and I figured I might as well call the construction company and try to get the job.
They told me they only had 1 other person call about doing it before me, and to stop by this morning and drop off a proposal. I’m hoping I didn’t bid too high on it. I said I could do it for $1300, which to me seems like a reasonable price for construction cleaning.
I’d love to hear some opinions!
Here is a couple of pictures of the building


for in and out?

I’d actually price highet and use a scissors lift for the curtain walls that has the concrete outside, Inside if possible to.


Yes that is for in and out.
A scissor lift would certainly make things go faster, do you think it would be necessary? Everything is pretty easily accessible by ladder.


How long did you say would take to clean it?


I told them it would roughly take about a day and a half to be on the safe side


I think you quoted (price) it a bit light that’s a lot of work.
I think it will be closer to 2 days if that glass is not to bad off, CCU on buildings can be a bear.

You solo?

Good luck keep us updated.


The reason I would use a lift on that curtain wall is because it puts you right at the window, you have both hands to work. When you’re working off of a ladder it’s a slower process you reach less, it’s tempered glass so your using steel wool.

Obviously you can do it off a ladder. if you would have bid an extra $500-$600 for a lift it would have made your life easier


Way too low,you definitely need a,lift for curtain wall exterior and maybe inside too. Post construction needs to be 2 -3x higher than a normal maintenance quote…for so many reasons. Hardest form of w.c. if you ask me.


Listen to everything you’ve been told in this thread. I thought one ccu we did would be “easy” and done in one day. Spent 3 days doing it, hating my life. Don’t underestimate the power of a ccu! It’s the Sith Lord of window cleaning.


So I ended up getting the job, and finished it up in about 14 hours. I learned a lot from that one! The price definitely should have been higher, and I should have done a more thorough walk through before giving them my proposal.
I rented a lift for a day, which was a necessity. I’ll have to eat the cost of that and make sure not to make the same mistake again.
And the project manager said he will probably ask us to do his home windows as well :grinning:


Great job. We always try and look at all the windows for ccu estimates . We really try to get a good idea of whats on the glass so we first know how to bid it and what we will need to clean it. I always hope for the fastest but plan on it taking longer.


I’ll definitely be doing that from now on. I hadn’t noticed all the top east side windows were completely coated in some kind of sealer they had sprayed everywhere. Spent so much time and effort on just those 7-8 windows and they still didn’t come 100% clean


Got a CCU job like that recently. Talked to a guy afterwards and he said try acetone. Not sure if it works or if it’s safe on glass but that’s what he told me.