Just finished 'Lucky no. 40'


Right downtown… What’s that place called?


There’s about 50 local places. You’re going to have to be more specific than downtown

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Tomorrow is officially Day 50.

And yes, I do realize that this thread serves no other purpose,
other than for me to bump it again on a cold winter day…

  • to remind myself that “things do get better.”

So fuck y’all, and I’ll see you in January. :wink:


And here we are… a “cold winter day in January.”

I ended up doing 56 days straight.
And at this very moment…
I am currently drinking a beer,and don’t have a care in the world.


Wait… it’s not 9pm in the D! :wink:


Ha, that’s only during the busy season.

Besides, I’m on “Vacay!” :sunglasses:


This is a good read for the skittish posts I see this time of year.

  • I’m keeping an eye out for the “I’ll never work Weekends” guys, in the coming year.


I took a nap with my dog, today.

  • apparently, she sleeps a lot during the day…

And now… SO DO I. :slightly_smiling:


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Siestas are the best



It not the winter votex there.


Beat my record, today… “Day 62.” (consecutive)

And again… I will go back this post, and smile
… some day, in the middle of January/February. :slight_smile:



Possibly December… :wink: Check the long range…


I never caught the follow up to this thread but I totally remember your posts back in 2015. So this post today makes me laugh. Good job. I think my record was somewhere in the high 30s and I won’t do it again. You’re the boss!


It’s all in the mind.

If you say it’s grueling, well guess what, you wont be too happy to do it. If you prepair your mind for the rigors of a long stretch it doesn’t bother you near as much.

The reality of this line of work is if you’re not working you’re not getting paid. Extending your profitability requires working when the weather is nice even if that means working every day for three months straight.

It’s all in the mind.


Every year I ‘vow’ not to work weekends and every year I fail. This weekend I am away and have not received one call on my cell. Awesome!!! Now if I arrive home and none on my home phone, that would be wonderful.
It should be apparent that I am mentally burned out and have more work than my small crew can handle.


I avoid burnout by not allowing negativity about the situation to creep into my mindset.

Works wonders mentally by not entertaining the idea of a day off.

Take days off when they come but don’t allow myself to fixate on or wish for them.