Just finished 'Lucky no. 40'


As of about 20 minutes ago, I’ve officially worked 40 days straight.
Tomorrow I will have gone Memorial Day to Independence Day without a day off.

I’m doing 3 houses tomorrow and Sunday is routework catch up…

The light/end of the tunnel looks to be next Saturday (fingers crossed)

Am I nuts?!?
Or do I simply have no choice.

  • a bit of both, to be sure.


Dang G, my dream would be to just hire more guys and then only work 10 out of the 40…


I’ve got 5 right now…
But “they need a day off, once in a while. They’re tired.” :rolleyes:

I have 2 that are Mon-Fri, 2 that are 6 days, and one who is a straggler.
Plus, one of them had Prostate surgery, so he was out for basically a month.

I’m the Constant…


Yeah, I know that feeling. Since I moved, I’ve been dragging my feet on hiring, but dang, I got to get the ball rolling.


My mistake is, I don’t follow my own advice.

Right now (July 4th is a hot button date for me ask [MENTION=6741]wcs[/MENTION] -I feel like summer is almost over) I’m beginning to think about fall.

My problem is, I delay hiring on in March because I feel like we’re not quite ready to bust out.
Next think I know, it’s May/June and I’m slammed, and can’t find anyone worth a shit.

“Hire Early/Hire Often” is my new motto.


Prostrate surgery sounds pretty important. Otherwise, Go for 45. If you pass 45 you Beat me for the year. Five More days Man…


Yeah, it sounds like they cut a “T” basically along the shape of the “T” that is yer **** and ****'s. :eek:

  • so no complaints on my part, he has Carte Blanche.

I should see 47 no matter what.


See post below. :wink:


Tic Toc we are at the “Apex” of the season, it’s a downward slide from here my friend…then before you know it we will be saying…

Hire in multiples of 2. “Hire Early/Hire Often/Hire in Multiples of 2”


I’m with you on this. It just kind of hit me out of nowhere today that summer is quickly coming to a close. I’ll have to get into fall season and gutters again, which is weird, because I’ve had 6 gutter cleanings in the past two weeks. I’m trying to pile on the windows while they’re still available.

Josh Lile
Clear View Exterior Cleaning Services, LLC

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Gutter were 22% of last months business for us…
The Maple/WhirleyBird/Helicopter seeds were terrible this year.


Almost forgot- I finished day 48 today.

I’ll see 54 days straight, without question.


Sweet. If you were married with children that straight run woulda fizzled out days ago… Kudos… “But WE need some time.”:frowning:


Although, I’m off to work at 4AM tomorrow morning on a Sunday for crying out loud… Gotta beat the rush to those DAMN grocery store doors…


“Sweet” in the sense that I’m working/making money.
But it sucks because my rough days (not enough sleep, hungover) are twice as hard.

I’m good when there aren’t any extra variables.

I’ll say one thing, I’m sick to death of WFPing.
For some reason, that’s ALL I’ve been doing lately.

I think it was Friday, one of my guys said "why don’t we just pole it?"
And I said, “not a chance, we’re climbing!” :o


I don’t do 4 am, hell I barely do 7 am.

But I totally get where youre coming from with the Markets.
You’d be SCREWED if you showed up too late on a Sunday.

(what do you think… 4 times as long, roughly?)


Ladder that beeatch…


I shave off 2 hours by showing up early… It’s a love hate relationship…


That’s exactly why I do my “local favorite hang out” restaurant at 5:30. I save so much time and in actually able to get all the windows instead of waiting for someone to move or skipping. Early Bird gets it!

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Loisville the shinizznitt. Lotta glass there and whiskey. Prime for a window cleaner… I was just there last November. Your local brew pub rocks… Forget the name though… Remind me? Those windows are the largest old windows with ropes on them I’ve ever seen…