Just did my first official paying job!


Just wanted to share my excitement about finishing my first residential job as an actual business owner. It was the family of a good friend of mine and their windows were grimy as can be. Never been touched in 5 years. I did give them the brother in law discount as they were friends and I was just doing an outside only with a couple insides of doors. But, my time estimate was dead on, and even giving them a discount I ended the job at $50/hr. I’m stoked to get this first one out of the way.




Congrats on your first paying job being completed!

You should take a pic of the house for memory sake!


Congratulations! This is exciting for you. Good luck moving forward.


Congrats dude. It’s scary as hell walking up to your first job. I’m just a few in. Intimidating sums it up.


Congrats! I still am afraid of certain jobs, nearly a year and a half after I started.