J Seal from Breaking Glass Productions


OK guys. I was up until 1 am last night updating my drivers. Finally my video editing software is working again! Glass sealants are really easy to make. Here I am making one I call J Seal. Hope you like the music.

These videos will develop into a Youtube Channel that you can use in the field off your phones to demonstrate to your customers what you can do for them. They will be between one to two minutes. The shorter the better. Designed to amaze and surprise.



Homemade RainX ?


Nope. It is a silane. Rain X is based on alcohol. This is based on water. It is also necessary to physically polish the glass to get the best reaction. Glass is usually “invisibly” dirty which prevents most sealants from reacting or covering. (not all) This is the reason why window cleaners don’t want to use sealants. The first step takes too much time. And it is difficult to get enough money to cover the time.



Thank you for the insight Henry !! Good Stuff.