ISO new shoes


I know the default answer is usually Merrell Moab, but I had two pair of those and there is a severe lack of cushioning, which inflamed my plantar, even with ortho insoles.

The Saucony I bought last spring work well but not waterproof and no support when on ladders.

I was thinking Salomon, but open to other ideas. Shoes, not boots.


I wear Keen Targhee II’s. For when Im on ladders/roofs a lot. But I am thinking about buying a pair of Solomon’s and trying them out this year. I don’t understand how people wear skate shoes… I wore tennis shoes one day and my feet killed for a week.


I looked at the Targhee, it just has a thin strip of rubber at the arch with slick plastic on either side, do you find that’s a problem on rungs?


First couple days they are a little slick, but once they break in they’re good. Most importantly for me was the shank in the the arch is really stiff, so you don’t get pain in the arch.