Is this a good door hanger?



Is this two sides to the same door hanger? A little long winded for my tastes, perhaps change the about us to some bullet points. You may want to put an expiry and minimum purchase on the gutter cleaning. Just thinking this fall it would really suck to have a bunch of gutter cleaning for minimal return.


Sorry, one more thing. 199$ seems really odd. Is that a local way of writing $199?


Good idea. Bullet points are much better. It is just a preview that is one door hanger front and back. Also glad you caught that. It should be $199


Took too long to figure out its window cleaning advertisement and you may lose people by then.

I would think you would want people to know immediately window cleaning services is what you’re providing


I would try and get a nice photo of you or an employee cleaning a res job for the front. I agree with the 199$ looks like a mistake. would try to brighten up the front colors from that back to a red,green or blue something bright. Big large bullet points would be best as said above.


and those curb side estimates will really slow you down if you’re trying to get a ton of these out in a short time. id just put them out and quote using either Google or if they would send photos. we have been doing the photos for our second season now and customers don’t mind and we get to see the entire outside of the home.


I find it a tough pill to swallow giving away $200, especially on a gutter job. In my area I often run into gutters from hell. They are neglected by more than a few seasons and can be a chore to get cleaned out and bagged. Hardly something I relish doing for free. Maybe discount but not give away?
My door hanger is a little long winded on the back side description too, but it works. :slight_smile:


Ok. I think its back to the drawing board lol. I already felt like it was tough to swallow but I would definetly buy window cleaning for free gutter cleaning. I was going to go high with window cleaning prices to help wedge that free gift. I think I am going to take it off. Give away free screen cleaning and maybe a 25-50$ coupon. For a picture on the front I will have to pose just for a picture. I havent done a residential job yet lol.


Front side is beautiful.
My only suggestion is to change that $199 to $200
That $1 less than the intended price is supposedly better when pricing something to sell according to marketing experts, because the customer thinks of it as less than that even number amount and subconsciously think they are getting a deal. However, when offering savings, we want it to seem like more not less.

I have 2 suggestions for the backside,

  1. “…the owner saw a need for a quality window service in your area.”
    I would change that your to our
    That not only suggests that you are local, but that you are one of them, not an us/them scenario which may subconsciously cause them to build the wall.

  2. “Our technicians are expected to have a professional look.”
    I agree with others that side seems a bit winded, and if you have uniforms and expect a professional look from your technicians, then that will be apparent when they arrive and not need to be said.


Never sell out of your own pocket.
People who buy luxury services can usually afford luxury services.
If you can’t afford a pool service then you do it yourself.
If you can’t afford lawn maintenance then you do it yourself.
If you can’t afford a house cleaner then you do it yourself.
If you can afford all of that then you hire a quality service provider.


This is so dang stressful. Dang vistaprint! I am starting over. If I do a blank format it is white. I think the 5 dollars might be worth it so I can get some assistance. I like the black and red colors those are my company colors so I think sticking to those would be nice. I know what I will be doing tomorrow. I want to get these things ordered so I can do some walking next week. I think I am going to be taking some window cleaning model pictures tomorrow.


I have always preferred black backgrounds (just like the portrait painters of old) because it makes the colors pop. I especially use them for websites, because in my mind illuminating the entire screen white is not only hard on the eyes, but also consumes more battery power from mobiles. I rarely use white text on a black background though, because it seems to cause a glare for my eyes. I use a light grey close to white, but dulled down enough to remove that glare,


We don’t place any offers on our hangers at all. We are a commercial based company so we aren’t as reliant on res sales. Either way I still feel customers just need a good ad in front of them to call.


Non Designers Design Book


Luke makes a great point about the offer.

The more I think about it, I have to agree with Gary on that one, That could backfire the way you have it worded. It implies that all gutter cleaning is $199 flat rate, and that may be grossly under priced for some jobs, or over priced for others. I know using the word FREE hooks a lot of people, but maybe saying “$200 off” might be better. I probably would reduce that to $100 Off, because that should be enough savings to entice someone, It’s all up to you, but just an after thought.


Ok. How about this one @Luke @Garry @Bucket-Bob @jhans @clevermonkey


I don’t agree with the black background having to fill the entire space. In design, white space, or negative space is actually part of the design and helps the content pop and also give the eyes a resting place.
White space in design


I was thinking of something more like this…
[image removed by moderator]
Then when I get there greet them by saying, “Hello, I am Bucket Bob. Sorry, but Bucket Barbara called in sick today”.

:smile: Just Kidding!

In all seriousness though…
I think the text is too small, especially on the backside.
I am not sure that the vacation photo in Hawaii really projects the company image of the employees. Would rather see a shot of them on the job, with tool belts/vehicle etc.
(Side note: Your girl is hot!)
I am not sure if she cleans windows with you, and I am not suggesting that she pose like the girl in my joke revision, but she is beautiful and that squeegee photo on the front would better suit the caption if she were the one working the squeegee. Not saying that you are not beautiful too, but you know what I mean.

I agree. As I said before I like the black background from the first image, but I did like the contrast of colors for that backside too. Both sides having black may be a bit much. That is really up to you though, because it is your opinion that matters most in the end.


Hahah I love it! If only I was targeting 13 year old boys it would be a gold mine. Maybe I should put magic mike!? Well I can’t make it multi color on vistaprint. It’s actually very aggravating. My options are to use a pre existing template or make one 100% on my own and it flat out looks like crap. Without paying someone I think this is the best I’m getting. And the damn sale ends tonight