Is this a good deal? Pressure washer


Thanks for the tips! Is it just me or should I be able to pull the starter cord more than once at a time? Any ideas of what could be going on there? Choke and gas are on.


Release pressure at trigger


Ok. The first thing I did was run water through it and pulled the trigger, without the machine on. Does that count?

Can I run it with a cracked release valve?


I started with a box store p washer, so you are starting even if it needs a couple parts a lot better off. Save $100 bucks from each pwash job and get new belt driven one and use that as a back up…congrats!


Have any of you pressure washers seen or used this tool? It looks to save time cleaning edges to prep cleaning the balance of drives and walks.
Surface edger


Good news, the carbeurater just needed cleaning. It’s in working order and was tuned up for only $110. Thank god…


Looks effieciant