Is this a good deal? Pressure washer


Looking to get into the PW business and was wondering what to look for in a used pressure washer. I found a Honda gx390 4000 psi 4gpm F series pressure pro at $800 on Craigslist. New they go for around $1700. Is this a good deal and a good way to gain entry into adding PW as an add on?


If I were looking to buy it I’d want to know if it was kept up. How many hours, regular oil changes, how old is it, that sort of thing. It could be junk, it could be a steal. If you’ve seen pictures does it look like it’s in good shape?


Direct drive or belt drive? Belt drive lasts much longer. Direct drive pumps heat up if not well maintained. Research the unit and its components before you are told it’s a good deal.


Thanks guys. Will continue to look into it. I am completely green to PW’ing, so I will check the unit out thoroughly. Thanks for the tips!


I can’t find a direct drive version of this unit, so I’m assuming it’s belt. Has the best reviews in its class.


They do come in DD.

And in belt drive


Thanks for clarifying! The guy has zero info about it on the ad, so I can’t figure out whether or not its belt. It looks like the belt version.


Looks heavy. Lol. Man. Nothing worse than lifting a pressure washer in and out of a truck by yourself.


That’s belt drive.


Since I clean blinds, I have a large box truck with a ramp. The truck even has hitch so I may grab a trailer if the add on proves fruitful.

The question is. Is this unit something I can build on in the future? I know it’s plenty for my residential needs.


You’d probably need to buy a 100ft hose, a long lance, and possibly a new trigger. Might get about 200 into that.

Otherwise, you could have it paid off in two or three days depending. I’d at least want to start it and hear it run before I made any decisions. Honda should be a pretty good engine though. Mine is a Briggs and Stratton. It starts every time…


Yes, that metal rectangular housing is what covers the belt drive for safety.


That’s what I assumed. Thanks!


So, it was used as a household pressure washer. Around 5-7 years old with less than 40 hours. Sounds pretty good to me.


Try before you buy!!Always ask for a test run of secondhand machinery or equipment before you part ways with your hard earned paper.If he says no or is hesitant may mean something is nt right with it.


Sounds good to me too but my dad taught me to believe half of what I see and none of I hear. Gonna need more info… Lol


What model is yours?


@PowerBlade you would not believe how much money I’ve made off this unit over the years. Solid machine but heavy as hell. It’s even on sale…,default,pd.html?ref=pla-mobile&zmam=31282435&zmas=47&zmac=723&zmap=bgsn20507&gclid=CjwKEAjwxurIBRDnt7P7rODiq0USJADwjt5DJOvH5t-6oZfS-WDUaQL69NrbLkMW41EDQCcY-PypzRoCJ4Tw_wcB


So, I went ahead with purchasing the pressure washer but there is an issue with this part leaking. Is this easy to source and replace? If there is a real issue, then the guy said he would take it back. Got it for $650 so hoping I could replace this part and it would be good to go.


That’s a thermal relief valve. Buy a few, they’re not expensive.

Make sure you change the engine oil and the pump oil. Maybe even the belt.