Is there room for another window cleaner


Didn’t fail as much as you found out how not to succeed. Pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and find what was wrong and what was right to attack it again.


I think one off the things that went wrong before is not having the support system along with good mentorship. I may have been hard headed and wanted to prove to the world that I would make it by my self. I do believe that everything we do and experience brings us right to where we are suppose to be.

By the way I went through the SCORE website. Very informative, I can not believe how much help they are willing to give for free. I am going to have to periodically work my way through the process. Thanks for that Garry!


Garry, I have my first meeting scheduled with SCORE on the 28th. Looking forward to it. Thanks for the info.:+1::+1: