Is there room for another window cleaner


I have been thinking about starting a window cleaning business. I have been looking at verious sites and YouTube videos. In my research I see that there are a lot of franchises doing this kind of work. I am not against franchises however I am wondering if it is worth putting forth the effort, and if there is room for another. I would like to here some of your own experiences from when you started up. Thanks for any advice on the subject. First post after finding this forum about a week ago. Nice to meet you all!


Welcome to the forum.

And to answer your question…
"Is there room for another window cleaner"
The answer is yes, the real question is do you have the energy it takes to run a window cleaning business properly.


Thank you.

I believe I have as much chance as the next person. I guess I am just going through the thought process and trying to think about the many moving parts. For example is getting my first customer as important as building a solid system that allows me to grow progressively without sacrificing quality, also when I get busy is it easyier to refer to my action plan verse running around like a mad man not knowing what is going on.

I have many questions. I will use the search box initially. But appreciate any feedback in real time.


It makes no sense to me. If you want to be good at something, you have to do something. Jump in and find out how it works; either you like it enough to get good at it or you don’t.


I agree with you. However I do believe there is more to running a successful business than just jumping in. I totally understand what you are saying. You learn as you go and refine the process along the way if it’s a good fit.


I worked as a high rise window cleaner for many years every time I would land, I would have at least one person come up to me and ask me how do they get a job, my only question to them was “Can you clean windows?”, the response was ALWAYS the same “How hard can it be?”.
That would be where I explained if yo have no window cleaning experience the boss will put you on the ground for 12 months until you were up to speed.
It has to be something you at least don’t mind doing.
80%+ of people HATE to clean windows.
Try it out to see if you like it before you spend a lot of $$ on it.


I did it for two summers in Ireland. Seems like a whole different ball game over here. Also I was really just playing around making a couple of dollars.


If you have experience then go for it.


Also I was not a legitimate business. That’s what I am talking about this time. Doing it right from the get go. Appreciate the feedback.


Well your thinking right. Do some more research, start up small. There’s a ton of work out there. Enough for every one. Competition will be harder because of established businesses but you’ll get enough to see if it’s for you and as you push harder, I’m sure the competition will diminish and you’ll have yourself a solid footing. I am new still(part time)and I had a great first year and already getting calls from storefronts for this year. Lots of work out there and even new, customers will trust you if they sense confidence.

Positive thoughts and good luck!


The expression that there is glass everywhere, therefor enough work for everyone, isn’t really reality.

@Bruce said it pretty accurately some time ago. There is only so MUCH glass that people are willing to pay to have cleaned.

Now, the formula of how much glass you can get, at the price you need to be profitable, at a profit level you are happy with, that allows the growth you would be happy with, is dependent on your market.

So, is there enough room for you to open your business? Who knows. Only one way to find out.


Yep, FREE information and workshops if you take the time to meet with one of these councilors.


Thanks Garry I will check it out for sure.


GlassMD thanks for the positive words. It’s nice to be able to share ideas. At this point I have less to offer you guys.


Hello and welcome to the forum!

To survive and then become successful you have to have a strong desire to be in business because it is hard in the beginning. Everyone on here has survived growing pains and you can too if you truly want your business to succeed.


Hello HBM, I have a strong desire to be in business. My first ever attempt was when I was a little kid walking around the streets of Ireland with a bucket, a spong and a bottle of car wax. I washed cars for people I was 9 or 10 years old. Since then I have started lawn care, window cleaning, soccer business, and even owned an art gallery in Scotland. They all failed. All had different reason and circumstances in how I ended up doing them. I have a ton of experience in failed opportunities however everything that I have done is transferable. My point is that I have a desire to make it work and always wanted to run a successful business.



& Yes absolutely there is room for another. Your biggest competitor will be yourself - not all the other window cleaners you see out there. Good luck!


I read the emyth about two weeks ago and felt that some of the ideas where very good regarding systems of operation. Something feels different this time around.


Hello Chris, I totally agree. I am my biggest obstacle.


This book is a must read and have, for the window cleaning industry!!

Order now @Lucky614