Is there a “good” time to call past clients


What time of day do you all think is best? I’m referring to all my residential customers from the past. Is there even a good time. I mean where I have the best chance of it only getting them to pick up but also to say yes?

I was thinking 9-11 might be good. After breakfast, early still, all kids should be at school or hopefully awake as to not be napping and be woken by phone…

Or does it really not matter?

And while on this subject. If you call and no answer / no return call from VM, do you call them again and if so how much later? Hours days weeks?

Thanks for any advice or information. I will utilize what I can. Get cleaning and stay safe out there my fellow window cleaners!


March 21 - 10 am


9-12 am will be your best bet.


Like Chris said mid March is a good jumping off point for residential especially if you live in a “winter” state. If you don’t get a return by April 1st do a follow up call and a email. I have also mailed letters that included the different service we offer (customers) seem to forget our addon’s, we mailed the letters March 15 and April 1st.
Then we reach out to past residential customers every quarter.

Hope this helps Robert

PS shirts look good happy you like them, and happy you ordered your Moerman tool box.


Considering that most people anymore, don’t like phone calls, I text or email March-April to notify all past clients that it’s time to think about Spring cleaning. You should ask your clients when you are in the estimate phase which they prefer, and record all info they give you.

Some folks just won’t answer their phones. They most likely delete V.M.'s and forget about your call later. At least that seem like the experience I have had. Usually only older people will take calls, and even that is a crapshoot.

I too call between 9-12 for the few people that I call. Texts are sent in the AM, as well as E-mails.

You could get your clients on something like MailChimp and make things easier for yourself.


Most don’t seem to give me emails as most my current resi clients are older in their 70s. They also don’t text.

Although I am getting more and more customers convinced text is great…

I need to come up with a good email/ text template and a phone call script. I’m great in person with people… I hate the phone.


I don’t know about the time of day with the best day of the week is Thursdays


What kind of advice is that? Everyone knows it should be March 20th at 10:15 MST. 12:15 on the east coast.


If they have a computer or a smart phone, they have an e-mail. I ran into that resistance at first (claiming no email) but I assure them that I don’t spam, that I don’t sell e-mails, and that I use EMAIL to send quotes and receipts (I’m as paperless as I can be).

I am paperless, and it does help to assure them that you need their e-mail IF they have one. I have only had a couple of people that truly don’t have an e-mail.

You might be in a situation that they truly don’t have one. If you are, why not do a post card reminder in Spring, Summer, and Fall?


Okay here is my first break down… I call 27 people

14 voicemails with 4 of those known to call back and schedule.

5 don’t call me because we moved to a different state or dead #

6 call back in 3-6 months

And 2 scheduled 1@$140 1@$75… 1.30 hours calling, mingling with them etc etc… not bad… I used to get paid only $11.00 per hour doing this for people… lol even with overhead I’m doing great!!

Little by little… now time to go out and get more store fronts with my new shirts and quick estimate business cards!! Wish me luck and skill!!!


Keep Dialing…


Tell yourself you love the phone, and it kinda almost works…


By the 4th call I was rolling in style. I’m so used to doing it for everyone I work for but I just hate doing it for myself lol, but I got over it quickly.