Just curious what you guys for invoicing? Currently we still do the hand written invoices with the tear off the yellow copy for the customers. Looking to switch to something online or a app with even the option to pay though it and also something the customer can sign for the commercial account we have that we send away to be paid.







quickbooks online also

app is super easy and great looking invoices and is very simple.

i dont use apps that send messages to custys cuz i automatically do that on my own anyway


QuickBooks Online


But what about free? For those of us that don’t need really fancy yet. I have been using joist app and online. I think they look really good but I’m a newb


quickbooks has one for like $15/month


Joist works good.

Quickbooks will work better long term.


THe Customer Factor


Joist works for my needs. The invoices include a pay now by card feature. I also used Joist to make a blank quote/Invoice form that I print off and carry with me to fill out on site when needed.


Square I think allows you to invoice free, and pay online with a CC.
I think wave does invoicing too, but I’m not sure it’s free.

I use QuickBooks. What little I get that pays with CC, I run through Square. Most of my payments are checks.


I don’t even know what an invoice necessarily is or how to use one. Can someone educate me on this on what jobs it’s needed on and why to invoice customers in the first place? Why not just tell them your estimate. I just started out and that’s what I do.


A quote/estimate is the paper/email form that says you’ll do this work for this price.
An invoice is the paper/e-mail form that says I did this work and this is what you owe/paid.

Anyone in the service industry should be using one.


Jobber. It creates beautiful professional invoices, receipts, quotes etc…


Check out Wave. I Google wave accounting every time I login because I can’t recall the url. Great software though. Free. Free invoices. Free estimates. Allows cc processing at 3% and bank payment at 1%. No complaints here.