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Hello all and good evening from Michigan!

My name is Nick and I’m working towards being self-employed and then a business owner for Nick’s Residential Services.

I worked at a high end country club between 19 - 24 years. During the winter months, probably around 23 years, I started selling and hanging Christmas Lights for some of the wealthier folks. I still do that in the winter and have about 20 some clients now. I also was able to secure some more business from those clients through window washing. I do all this and still work my salary job and it’s a pretty cozy paycheck. But I’m sick of the corporate world. At 26 years old I’m looking at bigger goals.

That’s a little background but what my message to the community is; what has been successful for your business as far as scaling it? When I have time I go door to door. What sort of marketing do you do? I currently don’t have a website. How do you manage customer feedback? I develop a relationship with my customers, we often text and I ask them what they think of my work - it’s always positive.

Those are just some things off the top of my head. Anything helps. God Bless!


Welcome. Take a look at our free book called The Blueprint for Marketing


Search, then read and study past threads under all of those and any questions you have. Chances are they have been discussed in depth. How to manage customer feedback ? Easy…act immediately and directly if there is an issue that needs resolved. If it is positive - what is to manage ?


Hello and welcome to the forum!


Thanks HBM. Are you from Michigan?


No, I live in Alaska.


Hey Nick,
Welcome to the forum…:+1::+1: